Area 39 Game Guide


Welcome to @xlqeo’s Area-39 Roleplay!

Welcome to the extraordinary world of the SCP Universe, where you can immerse yourself in the captivating realm of the SCP Foundation. As you embark on this thrilling game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from an array of teams within the foundation. Whether you prefer conducting daring experiments, participating in exhilarating tests, or engaging in daring missions to apprehend and liberate escaped Class-D Personnel, the possibilities are boundless!

However, it is crucial to emphasize that while we strive to provide an unforgettable gaming experience, we must also maintain a safe and fair environment for all players. As a result, we have implemented certain rules and guidelines that must be followed throughout your journey. Please be aware that we do not offer refunds for any actions taken in violation of these rules. It is of utmost importance to exercise caution, play within the established boundaries, and refrain from breaking any regulations. By doing so, you can ensure that your gameplay remains enjoyable and free from any unwanted consequences. So step into the world of Special Containment Facilities and embrace the thrilling challenges that await you, but always remember to play by the rules!


1. Do not break the Roblox ToS! - Don’t break the Roblox Terms of Service. It has a lot of rules that apply to all games throughout Roblox.
2. Follow the Roblox Community Rules! - These are also to be followed in every game in Roblox.
3. Do not exploit - Exploiting or glitching of any kind will result in a permanent ban from Area-39.
4. Be tolerating - Tolerate other people: their religion, race, orientation, etc.
5. Radio Spamming - Spamming the radio will result in a kick from the game, the radio is a very important part of the game and is needed for clear communication.
6. Do not argue with moderation - Moderation has the final say in all choices, do not argue with them.
7. Do not breach entities as Foundation Members - Unless you are on Class-D Team or Chaos Insurgency you are not permitted to breach.
8. Do not advertise or perform transactions outside of the game - If someone tells you to buy an item in exchange for something in Area-39 when said product/item is not in the game itself / on the game’s store page, chances are it’s a scam. Be aware.
9. Do NOT spam or abuse/misuse the report system or you will be warranted with a ban.
10. Unless you are a Class - D or Chaos Insurgency, do not enter the vents.
11. Do NOT Detain abuse - Detain abuse of any kind will result in a kick from the game. this includes cuffing CD to kill them, Cuffing Chaos Insurgency, ETC.
12. DO NOT CAMP VENTS - Camping below the vents and or areas where vents usually are will result in a kick.

Experience Requirements

Here are listed all of the Variant and team requirements! You get 1XP per 5 minutes, however if you are a premium Roblox member, then you will gain Experience twice as fast.

Chaos Insurgency - 15XP
Mobile Task Force - 40XP
Internal Security - 90XP
Intelligence Agency - 120XP
Rapid Response Team - 150XP


Class D
0 XP - Class D

Chaos Insurgency
15 XP - Chaos Insurgency
Gamepass - The Engineer


Security Department
0 XP - Trainee
20 XP - Operative
40 XP - Senior Operative
60 XP - Security Officer
80 XP - Security Director
Gamepass - O5 Council

Ethics Committee
0 XP - New Analyst
30 XP - Data Analyst
60 XP - Senior Data Analyst
90 XP - Committee Member
Gamepass - O5 Council

Scientific Department
0 XP - New Researcher
30 XP - Researcher
60 XP - Elite Researcher
Gamepass - O5 Council

Medical Department
0 XP - Student
10 XP - Resident
20 XP - Doctor
Gamepass - O5 Council

Mobile Task Force
40 XP - Nu-7
60 XP - Beta-7
80 XP - Epsilon-11
100 XP - Alpha-1
Gamepass - Task Force Leader
Gamepass - O5 Council

Rapid Response Team
150 XP - Trainee Guard
170 XP - Guard
200 XP - Elite Guard
Gamepass - Rapid Response Director
Gamepass - O5 Council

Internal Security Department
90 XP - Trainee Agent
100 XP - Agent
110 XP - Senior Agent
Gamepass - Internal Director
Gamepass - O5 Council

Intelligence Agency
120 XP - Trainee Agent
130 XP - Agent
Gamepass - Senior Agent
Gamepass - O5 Council

Site Director
Gamepass - Site Director

Gamepass - SCP-049


  1. Class-D Personnel: Prisoners from Area 39 designated for testing SCPs. They collaborate with the Foundation for experimental purposes or, in some instances, conspire with the Chaos Insurgency to breach SCPs and cause havoc.
  2. Foundation Personnel: Diligent janitors responsible for maintaining the pristine condition of the Foundation’s facilities. They promptly address any infrastructure issues and ensure a clean environment.
  3. Security Department: Devoted to safeguarding Foundation personnel and assets. Security personnel are responsible for escorting Class-Ds during tests and defending against Class-D raids orchestrated by the Chaos Insurgency.
  4. Scientific Department: Comprising brilliant researchers, scientists, and experts, they conduct detailed studies on SCPs. Class-D personnel are utilized during containment procedures for testing purposes.
  5. Chaos Insurgency: An adversarial organization opposing the Foundation. Their nefarious agenda involves breaching SCP containment, assisting Class-D escapes, and causing chaos.
  6. Mobile Task Force (MTF): A highly skilled combat unit specialized in countering the Chaos Insurgency and swiftly recontaining escaped SCPs.
  7. Intelligence Agency: Stealthy agents proficient in monitoring the Foundation’s activities through surveillance cameras and providing critical guidance to other teams.
  8. Rapid Response Team (RRT): Elite operatives who rapidly respond to emergencies such as riots and SCP breaches, employing specialized weaponry and tools for containment.
  9. Medical Department: Dedicated medical professionals providing crucial support to injured RRT, MTF, security personnel, and offering aid to those affected by SCP anomalies.
  10. Site Director: A paramount figure with full authority over all Foundation operations. Possessing access to secure areas and alarms, the Site Director can initiate Foundation-wide evacuation protocols during critical situations.
  11. Ethics Department: Upholding the Foundation’s moral compass, this department ensures the ethical treatment of Class-D personnel and SCP subjects during tests and containment procedures. They thoroughly review and approve research protocols to maintain ethical standards.

Notable SCP:

  • SCP-049: An enigmatic entity with lethal capabilities, known for killing and infecting individuals. Proper containment is essential to prevent its potential threat.


Make sure you follow all of the rules that are in this topic. It is very important that you do so.

We really hope that this forum was able to well inform you about the basic requirements and also rules of our game! if you feel that you have been falsely banned please contact a Enforcement Officer.

Now, have some fun.

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