Aren't pet hatches and things considered gambling?

Taken directly from the community rules:

When you play simulators, certain games even have gamepasses that allow more luck, now you CAN buy in-game money and trade these pets / items to other players and you can get “addicted” to unboxing these virtual items in games, which causes you to spend more real money on Robux to get these “pets”.
And eventually for popular games people will consider RWT (real world trading) for these in-game items, not not saying this isn’t possible for any game, and maybe already happens (haven’t researched) but you see my point I hope.

I am questioning if anyone has ever asked themselves about this, so I shall ask you!


It is gambling I believe, when there’s a chance type of thing (crates etc) you need to give %s of how likely users are to get something for it to be allowed I believe.

This is what I recall being told and may be old or incorrect


As long as the game shows the percentage you have of getting said pet from a hatch, it’s fair play.


I think everything is gonna be fine as soon as you don’t have to pay R$ in order to hatch pets. Also, as it has already been stated, you must let everyone know the chances of getting each pet. Also, these “luck” gamepasses are not breaking the rules, since this is not gambling. It is just a feature which increases the chances of getting rare pets.

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It is a morally grey area to be fair, and there needs to be clearer rules as to what constitutes gambling.

Because, it needs those two principles to not be gambling:

  1. R$ is not the only way you can obtain these items.
  2. You must let people know the chance of getting an item.

However, I can see a couple of ways these can be, well, “more obscure”. Maybe the effort needed to gain these items are, lets face it, not at all time efficeint, and would take me 40 non-paid hours to get it, while only costing say, 20 Robux. Or the percentage calculations are hidden in some manner to make it more difficult for a player to access them. Such as having a list that you cannot access while in the item drop screen.

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I believe gambling is applied to unsure odds (ex. betting who will win in a battle). If that bet involves robux or currency that is purchasable with it, then I guess it’s gambling. This is only my assumption though.

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If it shows the % of it then it’s probably fine, but when kids are playing murder mystery or crate clicker, they are playing more and more trying to get coins so they can gamble their chances on a crate. It shouldn’t be allowed imo as it’s nearly the same as the CS:GO skin scandals. In these games you can purchase money and furthermore, purchase crates. It’s pushing it a little but still somehow allowed

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Agreeing with you, and @20amir02, and many others here, I suppose as long as they show the % it is fair play. You can’t get that wrong.
Thanking everyone for contributing to me here.

Yes hatches and crates are considered gambling.

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Technically not gambling with Robux if the currency used to open loot boxes/eggs… can be obtained through simply playing the game.

No because no matter what you are getting a prize. Thats why chuck e cheese gives kids 1 ticket even if they lose.

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Everything is morally gray

This is so easily bypasses, and as a result is a stupid rule. You can buy in game currency with robux and use that currency to open crates. Roblox either needs to allow all gambling, or none.

There’s been a growing dislike of crates in the general game market. Roblox has it worse because its full of dumb 7 year olds who have even less common sesnse and are more likely to spend a lot of money on crates.

It’s still gambling, even if you know your chances of winning.

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Don’t forget that the coins in most games can be used for other things, too. They can also be found for free. This would be a problem if a currency was used only for pets and if the currency was only obtained with R$.

Don’t forget that the Roblox TOS states that R$ and real money gambling is allowed.

However, I personally think that gambling should be prohibited everywhere on Roblox.

I see you agree with me, as I stated it is gambling in my opinion as well.