Argon - VS Code sync [Plugin]

It’s alright. I’m not here to just cry about a bug in the plugin. But, it’ll be better if it’s fixed so no-one will face problems.

I wanted to make Argon as easy as possible so yeah. But Rojo also has UI in both Roblox and VSC.

I created Argon not to make it beginner friendly (and so it happened) but to make it less annoying when working on literally anything other than one game.

See, I do a lot of commission so I have to work on many different places at once and doing that with Rojo is huge pain! Thanks to Argon’s flexibility I can change dramatically anything I want without having to setup whole project again. It also helps with developing plugins.

True, that’s why I added this to main post: “Argon is an alternative for Rojo not its replacement!”

I generally agree with you so thank you for feedback!

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Actually that’s not a bug but it’s desired behaviour. Do you really think I should change that? I don’t get it why would you like to keep something in VSC and not sync that to Roblox, you can just put stuff you don’t want to be synced inside folder with different name.


I thought it would work in all ways. Sorry for misunderstanding!

Hello what is the name of the snippets extension that u are using?

Do you mean autocomplete? It’s called Roblox LSP

Yes :smile: thank you 99921421

Suggestion: Create a Roblox baseplate (or custom one if you want) file and Open the Roblox file option.

At this point anyone who thinks that Rojo is better is just delusional. I’m willing to die on that hill. Yes, it’s not perfect for everyone but the amount of features that Argon has, how easy it is to setup and use, and the fact that it’s still early in development knocks Rojo out of the park.

@Dervex Is there any way for you to make it so that clicking on errors or prints in the output of Roblox studio will open in VS code?

I think it already does that. Did you connect when clicking on it? Because when I last tested it, I’m pretty sure it opened VSC. (Nevermind, I think I’m just imagining it)

Not trynna be mean to the devs of Rojo, but yes. Argon is now better than Rojo literally being at an early stage of development!

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I already added this feature and it will released in version 0.5.0. This version will be available in like 2-3 days because I had to take short break from developing Argon.

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Looks good, but what extra features and benefits does this provide over Rojo?

Argon provides many features to solve issue with managing your game, Rojo requires a lot of setups and hard to sync anything in your game

Argon doesn’t require you to build a place like rojo does, you can connect the game to Visual easier plus allowing to type custom instance which makes it also better to check or add scripts directly from Visual Studio code, (to simplify the extension) it is capable of porting instances to both Roblox Studio and Visual Studio.

the only con is that Argon still doesn’t sync properties which i currently don’t use it often because it’s gonna reset anything for my mesh.

Pretty sure that he said that it will be released in v0.5.0 (which I think might be the next update)

Argon provides much more features than Rojo. People may say, “I like Rojo a lot!”, but in reality it is due to the UI. The UI of Rojo is smooth and clean that attracts people. And mostly, Rojo is hard to setup, and you have to build a place file, gotta go through a lot of steps to actually start working etc.

While Argon has reduced that issue to be done with just by creating a directory, creating an src folder, create the class database and boom! You’re done. The simplicity of Argon is absolutely like no other. It is literally one of the only plugins that has proved to be the best of all being at the early stages of development.

At the moment, the features that Argon provides, are not only much simpler than Rojo but also helps a lot in moving in and out of both the studios. You can launch roblox studio from VSC, port your files to either of both studios, filter what you want to port, choose whether you want to open files in VSC when you open in studio etc.

I have an advanced tutorial on Argon which I’m going to update tomorrow with the basic version of it (Exam finishes today, so I get time to work on other stuff).


You didn’t have to be that harsh dude, first of all, Simpler does not mean better, Rojo was made by a worker of roblox, And is much more stable than argon, while Argon is not that bad, but i would pick rojo over it.

the tooling

Argon does not support tooling like roblox-ts, etc. Yes, it supports some like vscode extensions but rojo has much more tooling support.

But its simpler for smaller developers!

No developer will learn without doing it. So what if its easier to setup? Rojo actually is really easy to setup. Sure you will get confused at the installation and first time using it, but all it takes is a rojo init, edit your project, a rojo serve, and thats basically it for the minimal.

If rojo is really hard to setup, no noobie would use it, therefore nobody uses it for the UI, noobies judge by the ui, but not the professionals, again, rojo is not hard to setup, you all just dont know how to.

tl;dr: Argon is an alternative. It is not better than rojo but both has its own pros and its own cons.


I will still stick with rojo. Rojo is more reliable than Argon. Even if it’s slower, Rojo still has better support and has more customization than Argon. Also no roblox-ts support, wally i guess is supported, but wally was more for rojo and not argon

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it takes one line to sync objects to your game. What are you on about

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Of course. I’m not trying to be harsh here, but what I mainly meant was that Argon has more features and its quicker to setup. I’m not saying that everybody using Rojo must switch to Argon now. Everything’s your wish and you can use anything you want. But I just gave my opinion.

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Its not quicker. You just dont know how to use it and assume its harder, u just type rojo init in the terminal, edit the stuff it intalized for you, rojo serve in the terminal, your done.

You overestimated it over rojo and keep saying argon is better. no its not. argon has its own special features, rojo has its own too

Maybe. But its missing the most important features like supporting tooling, etc.

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