Arguments don't seem to be passing to OnClientEvent

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    Create a script that handles hunger.

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    I handle hunger on the client so I used a remote event to send a specific numbervalue that would vary between different prey, so you would get 5 hunger from a rabbit, 1 from a mouse, etc. The value I put doesn’t seem to pass to OnClientEvent tho, the hunger doesn’t go up and nothing prints, Its like a ghost or something.

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    Well, I searched up similar stuff but all the issues had to do with stuff like not putting player in FireClient’s parameters, or arguments being nil. I tweaked the script, like making the “hunger” value a variable instead of just a number. Didn’t Work. Its frustrating since I haven’t had much trouble with passing arguments in the past, so Idk what went wrong.

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Here is my “current” script that handles one of the types of prey (rabbit), it handles the health and stuff as well as fires a remote event to the client to add the hunger received.

local PreyPart = script.Parent
local PreyChar = PreyPart.Parent
local PreyHum = PreyChar.Humanoid
local PreyAnim = PreyHum.Animator

local CD = PreyPart.ClickDetector

local FoodAmnt = PreyChar:WaitForChild("FoodAmount")
FoodAmnt.Value = 100
local Eat = game.ReplicatedStorage.Eat


	local PlrCharacter = player.Character	
	local PlrAnimator = PlrCharacter.Humanoid.Animator
	local AttackAnim = PlrCharacter.Attack
	local DedAnim = script.Ded
	local AttackTrack = PlrAnimator:LoadAnimation(AttackAnim)
	local DedTrack = PreyAnim:LoadAnimation(DedAnim)
	if PreyHum.Health > 0 then --if the health is greater than 0 then...
	if PreyHum.Health == 0 then
		FoodAmnt.Value = FoodAmnt.Value - 25
	Eat:FireClient(player, 5)
	if FoodAmnt.Value == 0 then 

And heres the script that answers the remote event when fired…

local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local Char = player.Character or player:WaitForChild("Character")
local hum = Char:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

local Eat = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Eat")

local label = script.Parent
local SurvlStats = Char:WaitForChild("Survival Stats")
local Hunger = SurvlStats:WaitForChild("Hunger")
Hunger.Value = 50

while true do
	Hunger.Value = Hunger.Value - 1
	label.Text = Hunger.Value.."Hunger"
	if Hunger.Value > 100 then
		Hunger.Value = 100

	elseif Hunger.Value <= 0 then
		Hunger.Value = 0


	Hunger.Value = Hunger.Value + Nutrition

The Nutrition thing is supposed to be the amount of hunger the player shall receive. Except, nothing passes! Literally nothing! Nothing prints and the hunger doesn’t go up! So, basically, a ghost!

There are no errors in the output so I don’t think its nil, just, doesn’t exist?
If you need more/different info, plz ask and I will provide!

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put that right above the while true do since it will never be called


Hey I think it worked! I should’ve thought of that before!