Arjin the Hybrid

does this hybrid look good enough or does anything need changed? hoping this gets noticed by roblox. still trying for ugc even tho I got denied last time ;-;

but I’ll keep creating and making my work look better and better till they open those doors to me.

-reasons I’m trying to get in is so that I can help my family. they’re quite broke and I don’t want to watch my own family fall apart ;-;


also the model is rigged. it can move everything from the head to the toes. it can also make expressions since i added extra joints around the multiple verts around its face to enable realistic facial movement ;3
I rigged it in blender :b

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I think the it looks very good! One thing I would change about it though is that the neck looks a little big. Maybe make it a bit more thin.

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WOAH! That looks really well! I can never build anything like that!