Arksie // DevLog: #1

Hello everyone! I’ve recently been inspired by RetroStudio to make my own Roblox-like platform! Anyways, today was pretty simple. I’ve gotten the data working, but no use for it yet. I’ve also gotten Arksie Studio working, though it’s very early in-dev.

Currently working on the character customizer, but I’ll have to finish that tomorrow.
Having trouble getting it working, though. Could you possibly help me here?

I plan on calling the in-game currency “Bits”.

I still have to learn a bunch of things. Such as teleportservice, how to save builds, transporting data across game instances, and more.

Arksie Studio

Anyways, that’s it for today. Expect a new devlog tomorrow. If you find this cool, you can join the group here. Bye!