Arm point at cursor while tool equipped

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    I want the player’s right arm to point where the mouse is when a tool is equipped, and reset when unequipped.

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    All methods I find either don’t work with the tool (Even after modification) or just pointed randomly.

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    Tried looking over the DevForum and Developer hub, but no luck.

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This is R15 and for 3rd person, I’m trying to make a Murder Mystery themed game, and it has code for first person already…

So I assume this is not like camera zoom in for your right arm to look at the mouse?

No, I want the arm to point to the cursor while a tool is equipped like in Breaking Point.

Sorry it’s short, I only had 10 seconds.

So I assume make the right arm to point to the mouse location in 3rd person mode?

Then, you can just set the player’s CFrame to look at the mouse.Hit.p

RightArm.CFrame =, mouse.Hit.p)

Players.N0TKingminer7.Backpack.Gun.LocalScript:51: invalid argument #1 to ‘new’ (Vector3 expected, got CFrame)

Whoops! Looks like it’ll only accept Vector3 values.

RightArm.CFrame =, mouse.Hit.p)

When I use the code you put, this happens.

I think this is because of the Motor6D attaching the arm to the upper torso. Same with R6.
Oh, and by the way, happy holidays!

Nevermind! I found how to do it. I modified some of the code here so it enables and disables when the tool is equipped and unequipped. Thanks anyways!
I followed you on Roblox because of how nice you are, thank you!

Code I modified: