Armature View Script! Debug bones

Small contribution, a script that I use to visualize the bones of my characters during development.

How to use?

local Armature = require(Character:WaitForChild('Armature'))
local myArmature = -- You can use a Color3 in the construtor if you want

-- a) update using Vector3 Position (root and tip [start and end])
myArmature:Position(rootWorldPosition, tipWorldPosition)

-- b) or update using a CFrame and length of bone
myArmature:CFrame(cframe, length)

-- You can also change the transparency

-- change thickness, proportional to its length

-- And finally, remove it



Very nice work! I’m not even sure if I’m gonna use this but I might keep it just because it’s soo good

I am not going to sugercoat this, this is hard to use. The code to make it work here is diffrent then inside the module and you have to manually set variables that could have been set already.