Armor and Clothing modeling research

Hello everyone,

I’ve been attempting to learn to place 3d armor/clothing from blender onto a R15 rig.

I’ve just placed 3 parts onto the dummy. They’re embedded into the StarterPlayer Dummy and they’re connected with a motor6D to the dummy. So, the shirt portion is connected to the upper torso via motor6D. The UpperRightArm connects the right sleeve and the same set up for the UpperLeftArm. So, I’m attempting to achieve making a full outfit that will cover all of the arms, the legs, hips, etc. I have 2 issues. 1. When the player walks then the lowerArms will go through the shirt. 2. How would I achieve an entire outfit? Do I need to make a portion of the outfit for all body parts of the R15 rig? Does anyone know of a tutorial that helps explains this? I’ve been looking for references, but haven’t had much luck.

Thank you for the help