Armor Equips for only my player but welds my player to another player who also equips the same armor! [Help pls]

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    SO i made a Local Script and Made a textutton and when it clicks it fires the remote to the server then in the server script i scripted my armor system and it only equips for my player but when another player equips the same armor my player gets welded to his. i dont even think its welding really. BUt idk

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    tried some scripts that make it only affect me but they dont work so yea

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--Local Script
local RP   = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local StarterGui   = game:GetService("StarterGui")
local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

local CustomRemote  = RP:FindFirstChild("Armor")
local Buttons = script.Parent
local Cooldown = false

	if Cooldown == false  then
		Cooldown = true
		Cooldown = false

--------------------// Services 
local RP   = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local SS   = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")
--------------------// Events  / Modules
local CustomRemote   = RP:FindFirstChild("Armor")

--------------------// Variables 
local Folder  = RP:WaitForChild("CustomizeStorage")
local Storage = Folder:FindFirstChild("Custom")
local ShirtStr = RP:WaitForChild("ArmorSTR")
local ShoesStr = RP:WaitForChild("ShoeSTR")
local PantsStr = RP:WaitForChild("PantsSTR")
local Pants = Storage.Pants
local Shirt = RP:WaitForChild("Custom").Shirts
local Shoes = Storage.Shoes
local Armor = Shirt.Armor1
------------------------------- Customize Interect Remote

	ShirtStr.Value =  "Shirt1"
			if ShirtStr.Value == "Shirt1" then
				local Character = Player.Character

				local UpperTorso = Character.UpperTorso
				local UTJoint ="Motor6D")
				UTJoint.Parent = Armor.MainTorso 
				UTJoint.Part1 = Armor.MainTorso
				UTJoint.C0 =,0,0)
				UTJoint.Part0 = UpperTorso
				UpperTorso.Transparency = 1

				local LowerRight = Character.RightLowerArm
				local LTJoint ="Motor6D")
				LTJoint.Parent = Armor.MainLowerRight 
				LTJoint.Part1 = Armor.MainLowerRight
				LTJoint.C0 =,0,0)
				LTJoint.Part0 = LowerRight
				LowerRight.Transparency = 1

				local LowerLeft = Character.LeftLowerArm
				local LLJoint ="Motor6D")
				LLJoint.Parent = Armor.MainLowerLeft
				LLJoint.Part1 = Armor.MainLowerLeft
				LLJoint.C0 =,0,0)
				LLJoint.Part0 = LowerLeft
				LowerLeft.Transparency = 1

				local UpperRight = Character.RightUpperArm
				local URJoint ="Motor6D")
				URJoint.Parent = Armor.MainUpperRight 
				URJoint.Part1 = Armor.MainUpperRight
				URJoint.C0 =,0,0)
				URJoint.Part0 = UpperRight
				UpperRight.Transparency = 1

				local UpperLeft = Character.LeftUpperArm
				local ULJoint ="Motor6D")
				ULJoint.Parent = Armor.MainUpperLeft
				ULJoint.Part1 = Armor.MainUpperLeft
				ULJoint.C0 =,0,0)
				ULJoint.Part0 = UpperLeft
				UpperLeft.Transparency = 1

				local RightHand = Character.RightHand
				local RHJoint ="Motor6D")
				RHJoint.Parent = Armor.MainHandRight 
				RHJoint.Part1 = Armor.MainHandRight
				RHJoint.C0 =,0,0)
				RHJoint.Part0 = RightHand
				RightHand.Transparency = 1

				local LeftHand = Character.LeftHand
				local LHJoint ="Motor6D")
				LHJoint.Parent = Armor.MainHandLeft 
				LHJoint.Part1 = Armor.MainHandLeft
				LHJoint.C0 =,0,0)
				LHJoint.Part0 = LeftHand
				LeftHand.Transparency = 1

				local TestArmorFolder  ="Folder")
				TestArmorFolder.Name   = "Armor3D"
				TestArmorFolder.Parent = Character
				Armor.Parent = TestArmorFolder


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Clone the armor before parenting to the player.

local clone = armor:Clone()
clone.Parent = TestArmorFolder

Oh true that should work thank you