Armor sets showcase

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In the first image you should make the ridge a little wider
In the second image you should make the shoulder pads cover the arms but not so much
While the latter is excellently constructed

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The first and second one look great, it’s the third one that does not look as great as you can see here
it’s a little sloppy.

what do you mean by scammed, did you make them for someone and they took them without paying?

but really nice work there.

That doesn’t look bad or sloppy, can you elaborate?

No he paid for the first mage armor i made him and the transaction went fine i sent the file no issues.
after i finished the 3rd he just stopped replying and it’s been like that for over a week so he basically commissioned me to make the armors and never paid nor did send the files he just stopped replying.

Can you please elaborate?
If you’re talking about the detail I added it to make it a bit less flat.