Arms wont follow mouse because of animation

The arms won’t follow the mouse when an animation plays. I want the arms to follow the mouse no matter what.
This is when i stand still:

This is when i move and my walking animation plays:

I’ve tried using a bunch of scripts that make the arms follow the cursor, but they all get messed up during my animation where the character slightly leans forward.

This is the localscript i use. It fires an event that causes the head and arms to follow the mouse and tween to the next position in a server script.

local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Mouse = Player:GetMouse()
local lookEvent = script:WaitForChild("LookEvent")
local toolEvent = script:WaitForChild("ToolEvent")

local Character = Player.Character
local Root = Character:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart")
local Neck = Character:FindFirstChild("Neck", true)
local Torso = Character:WaitForChild("Torso")
local RightShoulder = Torso:FindFirstChild("Right Shoulder", true)
local LeftShoulder = Torso:FindFirstChild("Left Shoulder", true)
local YOffset = Neck.C0.Y

local NeckCFrame
local RightShoulderCFrame
local LeftShoulderCFrame
local CFNew, CFAng =, CFrame.Angles
local asin = math.asin

local equipped = false
	if child:IsA("Tool") and child:FindFirstChild("BodyAttach") then
		equipped = true
	if child:IsA("Tool") and child:FindFirstChild("BodyAttach") then
		equipped = false
		RightShoulderCFrame =, 0.5, 0) * CFrame.Angles(0, math.pi/2, 0)
		LeftShoulderCFrame =, 0.5, 0) * CFrame.Angles(0, -math.pi/2, 0)
		toolEvent:FireServer(RightShoulder,RightShoulderCFrame, LeftShoulder,LeftShoulderCFrame,"unequip")

    local CameraDirection = Root.CFrame:toObjectSpace(Camera.CFrame).lookVector
    if Neck then
		NeckCFrame = CFNew(0, YOffset, 0) * CFAng(3 * math.pi/2, 0, math.pi) * CFAng(0, 0, -asin(CameraDirection.x)) * CFAng(-asin(CameraDirection.y), 0, 0)
		lookEvent:FireServer(Neck, NeckCFrame)
	local mouseOrigin = Mouse.Origin
	local mouseHit = Mouse.Hit
	if RightShoulder and LeftShoulder then
		if equipped then
			RightShoulderCFrame =,0.5,0) * CFrame.Angles(-math.asin((mouseOrigin.p - mouseHit.p).unit.y),1.55,0)
			LeftShoulderCFrame =,0.5,0) * CFrame.Angles(-math.asin((mouseOrigin.p - mouseHit.p).unit.y),-1.55,0)
			toolEvent:FireServer(RightShoulder,RightShoulderCFrame, LeftShoulder,LeftShoulderCFrame, "equip")

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now and would appreciate some help. Thanks.

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I don’t have much experience with doing that specifically, but if I were to, I’d probably mess around with CFrame.LookAt() and CFrame.LookAlong(), of course it will take a lot of customization for your specific needs, accounting for the animation and everything, but if customized correctly for your situation, it should work, I apologize that this isn’t too informative, just trying to give some friendly advice :smiley: