ArmsOfSolitaire Update 3.1.0

New maps: ( Credit: billie )

  • Dire Cube - a chaotic structure with many tunnels on a black and white plain
  • Cheri - a Japanese garden with massive dojos in the middle of a lake

New weapon reincarnation and weapon remaster with better sounds and animations: ( Credit: MarkMiller2005 )

  • M1A Scout reincarnates the M14Sniper
  • AK47

New cosmetics crate:

  • Summer 2023 Supply Crate #4 with 20 new summer/asian styled cosmetics!

Weapon changes:

  • Melee and Hardcore weapons get headshot bonuses again
    Building tool changes:
  • You can now hold left click to automaticaly place blocks!
    Melee weapon changes:
  • Spade swing speed increased by 5%
  • Pickaxe swing speed decreased by 10%
  • Shovel deals 5 less headshot damage
    Gun changes: ( Credit: MarkMiller2005, henry, lumiMiNK, 𝐇𝐅𝐊 Florlella )
  • All weapons have way less spread
  • Recoil is now based mostly on vertical recoil + new immersive camera shake
  • Marksman rifles are more accurate
  • Automatics can be effectively used with tapfiring
  • Shotguns now have more variety

Cosmetics changes:

  • New hat for players that find game breaking exploits
  • Number of cosmetic slots has been increased from 4 to 5!
  • Remodeled the "Perestroyka"o
  • Added new styles for “Dustkeeper” and “Heat Sleeves”
  • Adjusted wear spots for “Heat Sleeves”, “No Man’s Filter”, “Paris Night”, “Sky Baron”, “Sanitary Standards”, “Stern Brush”, “Ultimate Builder” and “Welder’s Piece”
  • Fixed “Fresh Cut” and “Stern Brush” being asymetrical and clipping into other cosmetics on the left side
  • Fixed head cosmetics clipping into the head due to rouge Motor6D

Gameplay UI has been redesigned!

  • New flashy hitmarkers
  • New reward/score UI with smooth animations and killstreak counter
  • New health and ammo bars near the crosshair so you don’t have to look away from the center of the screen ( Transparency can be edited in settings )
  • New health bar at the bottom with regeneration time healthbar
  • New weapon display in the bottom right corner
  • Redesigned the chat and killfeed. Tweaked the colors and fonts to be more readable
  • New key bind tips that highlight when you press certain buttons
  • New sounds for body hits and head hits
  • New head kill sound
  • Teammates now have little dots above their head that go through walls for easier frontline identification

Rewards have been tweaked:

  • Damaging enemies grants immediate reward ( 100 HP = 100 XP and C$ 100 )
  • All kills except melee now grant 50 XP and C$ 100 ( Guns granted 50 XP and C$ 75, Throwable and Suicide kill granted way less )
  • Headshot bonus is now a static 20 XP, C$ 40 reward instead of multiplier
  • You now get rewarded for killstreaks! ( Reward = Killstreak * 10 )
  • Winscreen item drop chances are now based on their shop price ( Supplu Keys are 5 times less likely to drop than Supply Crate 1 )
  • Control points now reward you every 1 second for capturing + full capture bonus

Respawn changes:

  • The max time to change your class/team without dying has been increased from 6 to 10 seconds
  • Going to the resupply tent will no longer let you change class/team without dying
  • Required lifetime for max respawn time has been increased from 30 to 45 seconds
  • Respawn times are now also based on the distance traveled from the spawn position ( Max at 100 blocks )

Daily reward changes:

  • Daily rewards are now given instantly and no longer require 500 points to be claimed

Winscreen reward changes:

  • Winscreen reward multiplier for the winning team has been reduced by 25%

Health regen has been changed:

  • Regeneration speed reduced by 50%
  • No-regeneration time when standing still has been reduced from 12 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • No-regeneration time when walking has been increased from 24 seconds to 40 seconds
  • No-regeneration time when sprinting has been increased from 40 seconds to infinite ( No-regeneration time will not decrease ).

Votekicking has been reworked:

  • You can no longer votekick enemy players, nor see enemy team’s votekicks
  • “No” votes are no longer subtracted from “Yes” votes
  • Its required that 60% of the team sends a vote
  • Votekick will go through if there is more “Yes” votes than “No” votes

Main menu chat changes:

  • Its now a separate entity
  • Can we viewed on all pages
  • Press “X” or title button to expand or close
  • Press “/” to expand and auto type

Intermision voting has been revamped:

  • Gamemode voting is back, you can’t vote on the gamemode played in the previous round
  • Map option quota increased from 3 to 6

Map changes

  • Underground has been made brighter

General changes and fixes:

  • The game now uses a new type of loading assets. Most assets are now manualy “cooked” and the only thing prepared on server start is map shading which should take less than 10 seconds. This also fixes the issues with ADS.

  • Map rotation is now a loop instead of a infinitely repeating stack

  • Fixed chat tips appearing on separate time frames

  • Fixed inspect sounds playing after the animation stopped

  • Removed the cart feature from the shop

  • Removed join/leave chat messages

  • Removed the Z bind for enabling main menu