ArmsOfSolitaire Update BETA 3.0.3

- Added a first ever weapon reincarnation - Grizzly, a magfed shotgun - replaces the Mossberg

- Completely reworked the recoil system, it should be way easier to control, less springy and more satisfying!

- Changed how developer products are fetched to prevent the game from not loading when roblox servers are unstable
- Creating a new respawn wave no longer adds +1s to your respawn time
- Optimized client-sided animation and sound loading
- Optimized character spawner
- Players should now respawn if they fall into the void
- Spectator camera will no longer go to the default place after switching between modes
- Spectator player queue is now consistent and not random
- Spectators can now inspect blocks

- Changed various terrain depths to be shallower:
(Arch Conquest, Blackn’White, Desert Pyramids, Ridge)

- Diamondway layout has been changed with addition of some land mass in the middle of the map

Shoreline Siege changes:
- Completely reworked the layout between point C and point B
- Fixed the setup gate being fully opaque
- Fixed various disconnected blocks

- Attempted to fix leaderboard cards not dissapearing
- Attempted to fix animations and sounds failing to load on server start
- Fixed an issue with block author names not changing
- Fixed error spam related to missing weapon holes
- Fixed an error related to projectiles and objects without parents
- Fixed a case where characters would become invisible when trying to render a mystifying effect and the head was not yet loaded