Army Of The Federal Union Rules

Please follow all rules listed in this rulebook/ handbook.
General Rules

  • We do NOT tolerate any trolling, exploiting, etc. If you desire to do these actions you may be banned, kicked, or warned. (Exploiting is a ban-able offense.)
  • Be respectful to all Robloxians no matter their political party, race, gender , and all other things.
  • Try not to cause drama as it will affect other people’s experiences.
  • No bypassing or you will be permanently banned from all of our games. We would like to keep a safe area for people to play our games in.
  • No adverting, your message will be deleted.
  • Do not encourage the breaking of our rules or the ToS, you will be banned and the person who also took part will be banned as well.
  • No bypassing music, this will grant you a kick and your boombox will be taken away.
  • Don’t debate politics in the games or group wall.
  • Do not kill anyone in the spawn box, you will be warned.
    Go here if you would like to debate or go to some of the many other groups.

Private+ Rules (We also encourage all players to follow these rules as well.)

  • Use grammar at all times unless you are PMing someone, in a space where no guests are around, or when you are told you may. We want all enlisted men/ women to look professional in the guest’s eyes. (If you 13- you don’t have to use grammar but is highly recommended.
  • Address all officers by their rank or “Sir” or “Ma’am” depending on their choice.
  • Follow all orders from a higher rank.
  • Please don’t go AFK (Away from keyboard). If you have to, please use the !AFK command.
  • Never AA (admin abuse), you will be demoted lll ranks down.
  • No begging for ranks.
  • We do not tolerate any bragging of your group status.
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