Army Of The Federal Union: Training Guide

Lieutenant+ can host, co-host, help.

  • Use the command bar by pressing the ’ key. (If you on mobile you are exempted.)
  • You may use custom fonts and switch up some wording but don’t change it too crazy.
  • Do not copy words that are bold, italicized, or in brackets. ([] / ())
  • We suggest you copy and paste each line for easy access.
  • Use the :m, :h, :sm commands for host and co-hosts.
  • Arena is currently not done so skip the arena part.

Set Up-

  • Get the Training Guide up.
  • (Host) Use the :h command for your first call of a training. Example: "A training is being hosted by me; [USERNAME] and co- hosted by; [USERNAME]! Come on down to the training area and possibly get a promotion! "
  • (Host) Repeat this one more time.
    -(Host) The last call should look like this: " Last call for out amazing training! Come on down to the training area for a possible promotion! Training session closing soon!

Start-(Don’t copy)
(Host:) :m Hello! Welcome to todays training session! I am your host; [USERNAME]. I will now hand it to my Co-host!
(Co-host:) :m Hello! My name is [USERNAME], and I will be co-hosting today! Back to the Host!
(Host:) :m STS everyone.
(Host:) So, let’s go over some rules for today’s session.
(Host:) Rule I: Respect all Union men/ women.
(Host:) Rule ll: Listen to all of your higher ranks. If you do not comply you may be yelled at. (Signaled by all caps.)
(Host:) Rule lll: Read our handbook.
(Host:) Last Rule: Have fun!
(Host:) We will do the national anthem now, so when the song starts salute to the flag.
[ID: 1838138940]

(Host:) Please tell us if you are on mobile so we can give you the right sword and gun.
[NOTE: Name the people on tablet or mobile.]
(Host:) Does anyone know what a ‘JJ’ is?
[NOTE: (Don’t copy this.) If someone says “no”, then show them what it is.]
(Host:) Alright, IO + IO JJs, when I say “GO!”.
(Host:) Goooose!
[NOTE: Host should use the command bar and PM the co-host, trainers, and helpers; “Please go to the arena and prepare it.” [SKIP]
(Host:) Does everyone know the basic commands and faces?
[NOTE: If someone replies with a “no” then tell them these commands; STS = Stand shoulder to Shoulder, S-F-L = Single file line, OM = On me. Show them the faces; right, left, center, about, and control.]
Weapons- (Don’t copy)
[NOTES: Use the :give union musket. Then use the :give union wit. They will aim for the dummy. Use btools (:btools me) to move it over.]
(Co- Host:) We will now go onto weapons, please pull out your muskets. If you are on mobile take your Henry out.
(Co- Host:) If on PC, press F to load. If on mobile, tap to load on the Henry.
(Co- Host:) On me!
[NOTE: Go to the shooting range.)
(Co- Host:) Line on the black line. NOW!
(Co- Host:) Shoulder arms.
(Co- Host:) Aim!
(Co- Host:) Fire at the dummy!
(Co- Host:) Reload!
(Co- Host:) Good job!
(Co- Host:) Put the weapons away.
(Co- Host:) Get your Witworth Rifles out. If on mobile keep your Henry out.
(Co- Host:) ON ME!
(Co- Host:) Please follow me to arena.
(Co- Host:) STS on the black lines.
[NOTES: Use the :name random Up now 2 times.]
( Host:) Welcome to the arena, here you will be tested on your fighting skills against your opponent.
[NOTE: Team one of the people picked to Confederate due to the anti team kill.]
( Host:) Line up on the lines opposing each other, contestants.
( Host:) When I say “Go!” you may charge and start sword fighting.
( Host:) Salute to your opponent!
( Host:) Sabers out!
( Host:) Go!
[Once someone dies, team the CF Union again and bring the dead person to you, then force field both of them and have them line on their respective lines. Repeat this process until you finish everyone. Then make the winners go against each other and the final winner will have a better chance of getting promoted.]
( Host:) On me!
[Make them follow you to the same stage you were when the training started.]
( Host:) STS on the red lines for promotions.
[You can pick between public (perferred) or private]
( Host:) Thank you for coming to todays session! Promotions will be given out in private. Dismissed! Patrol the fort now!
[Get the co host and helpers and start recommending people for promotion. Once you have finished recommending, the host should write down the promotions (Max of 3) and rank them. ]
( Host:) Thank you for coming to todays session! Promotions will be given out right now! If you are force fielded, you will be given a promotion. Please wait while we starting discussing promotions.
[Start discussing promotions with the co host and helpers.]
( Host:) We have now finished discussing promotions will now be given out.
[Host should now ff the promotions using the :ff [user] command. Then the co host will now rank the promotions. When the co host gets back, refresh the people who got promoted using the :ref [user].]
( Host:) You have all been promoted now! How 'bout patrolling the fort now? Dismissed, have a great day/night everyone!

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