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I am Arnav, 16 years old and I hail from India and am a passionate developer in the following fields with given self ratings below. I am also an Event Organizer for Roblox Developer Relations! Currently working as a tester for many studios which can be found on my profile.
I love to attend game jams and events to sharpen my skills!

Shh and I love cookies :cookie: you might wanna keep em safe

  • Building - 7/10
    Contributed in numerous obbies and showcases which are mere levels to showcase, pinning down a few realistic and top models made by me :slight_smile:

The builds are as follows :

Building Examples

I am working on improving these after I am more comfortable using blender to balance out my fields!

  • GFX - 8/10
    Contributed to single PFP/Profile commissions with comparative less experience

But quality matters more :wink: !

GFX Examples

Arnav's GFX Portfolio!

Giving more time into blender, I would be releasing a more professional and better GFX showcase soon!

  • Scripting - 8.5/10
    Scripting caught my catch on Roblox as I found it the most interesting topic to dive into, I love debugging and finding glitches and backdoors! My favorite part is creating/re-creating attacks!

A few attacks are as follows :

Scripted Attacks

Most of my attacks and script results can be found in the games linked below! GUIs and Debugging are my bulk work articles.

  • Modeling - 8.5/10
    After being comfortable with GFX, I started modeling in blender and it went pretty good!

My UGC concept models are as follows :

UGC Concepts

Most were created during the Imagination Challenge 2021! :smiley:

Note : I will be updating my work progress frequently

I am for hire! Seeing so much scope in Roblox development, I offer most of the interesting services for free!

I am available 5-6 hours on weekends and 4-5 hours on weekdays, tend to change with commissions/holidays

If not, I take payment via Robux/Giftcards ONLY! Depends on workload every time. Would release a commission sheet if needed in future :))
:no_entry_sign: Money :no_entry_sign:
:no_entry_sign: Percentage :no_entry_sign:

As mentioned before, I generally work for free! If not, I would demand a 40-50% upfront payment to avoid scams.
I know a lot of good people out there, but there a few who disrespect the developers through scamming :frowning:

You can contact me through the following ways :

Thank you for reading!!!
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Just some advice: it’s a bad idea to take giftcards as a payment method.


I have looked into it, thanks for letting me know but giftcards are the last choice. The owner of that video wasn’t commissioning any product and had redeemed it as a “gift”. I am sure to not do that, but nevertheless thank you