Arrosto Cafe Trainings


Hello and welcome to Arrosto Cafe training! I will be your host for today, Please refrain from talking while I repeat our rules and regulations.

At Arrosto Cafe trainings and Cafe please use grammar at all times, Wear appropriate clothing and Respect all staff. They are taking their time out of their day to help you.

For today’s training we will be testing your abilities to; Use correct grammar, Answer a quiz on our game, Create orders & Deal with trollers or exploiters.

Your name will be changed by staff to help remember the amount of points you have. This map is made up of II Stations. Please don’t go outside or across your station’s perimeter unless asked.

Please line up with your assigned trainer (For example, players with II. Please line up with Trainer II.)


Hello there, I am your trainer for today. I will be testing your ability to work at Arrosto Cafe.

Please follow all basic Roblox rules while here. Are they any questions?

If you complete a task correctly you will receive I. point above your head. If you’re a trainee you need II. Points -

If you’re a Jr Barista you need III. Points to rankup & for Barista and Sr Barista you need to complete all tasks correctly.

You can also rank up by earning points at the cafe. More information is there.

You will be starting this training session by answering II questions. You will be sent a private message -

containing the questions, please answer in the REPLY box. Please tell me or my assistant if you have any problems.

Please answer in the REPLY box- I. T or F, you need to use grammar at the cafe. II. What is the main colour of Arrosto Cafe?

Well done everyone who got that correct. You will now be sent the correct answers to the trivia.

Correct answers- I. True II. Blue (And White)

If you have any questions about your score please don’t refrain from asking.

Congratulations! You have made it to the II stage. It is now time for your grammar evaluation.

You will now be sent II sentences with incorrect grammar in a PM. Please fix the sentences in the REPLY box.

Please correct these sentences- I. hello and WELCOME to aRRostO cafe?? II. im excited to Rankup

Well done everyone who got that correct. You will now be sent the answers to the grammar evaluation.

Correct answers- I. Hello and welcome to Arrosto Cafe! II. I’m excited to rankup.

If you have any questions about your score please don’t refrain from asking.

Next is the ordering stage. Me and my assistant will walk up to you (I at a time) and order II items.

Please use your greeting when asking for our orders. If we find a mistake in your greeting we will tell you.

If you are stuck with creating an item please read the recipes on the side or the “RECIPES” button. Are there any questions?

Please prepare your greetings now.

Well done everyone who got that correct. If you didn’t, I suggest returning to another training session.

However, you may still have a chance to rankup! Now it’s time for the last stage. Trollers / Exploiters.

This stage is similar to the previous. We will walk up to you I at a time and order an item. Except -

this time we will play the role of a troll, Don’t be offended by anything said. -

We are simply imitating a person breaking rules.

If a player is trolling you must warn them. Please warn players in this format: WI | Warning reason here.

If they continue please notify a MR. Say Contact staff to imitate this in the training session.

If someone walks into the kitchen or does any other Exploit, don’t warn them. Use Contact staff Automatically.

Are there any questions before we begin?

Please prepare your greetings.

The last stage is now complete! If you have enough points to rankup please return to spawn and notify a HOST

Anyone else who hasn’t redeemed enough points will now be sent to the cafe.

We suggest you continue practicing.

:place name 4807674529

It has been lovely to train you and I hope you have a fun time at our cafe!