Arrow Keys in Vehicles - Camera Rotates around Car

When pressing A & D to turn the car, the camera handles as expected, however when using arrow keys, the camera just starts rotating randomly.

Players started reporting this weird behavior to me today, and I’ve observed it for myself as well.

The desired effect with A & D (4)

The undesired effect done with Arrows (6)

The place in question showing this:


I don’t know how to fix this, but I checked out the game and noticed when you are going 0 mph the car still rotates. You could add a little if statement to fix this.

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To add, as I believe there is some confusion with my GIFs from above.

Here is me taking a turn using WASD: (7)
Here is me taking a turn using arrow keys: (8)

With arrow keys, you can see the camera (which is a Roblox core script) starts spinning around the car in the direction you are attempting to turn.

This appears to be remnants of an update to the move system in which WASD Behavior is: (9)

Arrows Behavior is: (10)

The behavior with arrows is that Up and Down works the same as W and S, however Left and Right act to spin the camera, rather than the character.

For racing games, Right Handed Players have a higher tendency to use Arrows to drive, as you do not need to use the mouse whilst driving. This new update, forces them to not use arrows.

I believe the arrows keys purpose was to look around as an alternative to the mouse. This has been around for a while this isn’t no bug, but I’m sure this is how they set it up in the past, and is quite useless unless there is no way to turn the camera. (Which I find useless as most people can afford a mouse/ buy a laptop or just play on their ipad)

Before yesterday, the turning of the camera would not occur when seated in a vehicleseat. Now it does. This is why I’m believing this to be a bug with a recent update in relation to the control script, especially as a current hack to “fix it” is to use an older forked control script.

I see, are you using contextactionservice? if not that should reserve the key for you, else try and disable/alter the module, maybe by changing the keys or looking into the module itself, you can grab a copy on loading into studio, or theres a github page by clonetrooper that contains more roblox modules.

As stated above, the car does not use any user scripts.

Meaning, this is something Roblox needs to look at on their end, as it is what appears to be unintended behavior in the core scripts based on all previous behaviors on Roblox.

We’re investigating, thanks for the report.