Arrow that points to the next checkpoint

I have been looking for this but never found a straight answer/ I want to make an arrow that points to the next checkpoint but I don’t know how to set the code up.

I know that I need to have an arrow in replicated storage and I need to clone it to the players next checkpoint, etc but I don’t know how to set it up

Can someone set the code up and explain it to me so that I can actually understand it? I will give you the solution if you do this

You can achieve it with multiple way. The way i know is with a Weld by playing with C0 or C1. For example, you can Weld the arrow to the head of the player and then do something like:

Weld.C0 = Character.Head.CFrame:ToObjectSpace() --CFrame lookat with the Head and the next checkpoints *, 2, 0)

I want to make a BillboardGui appear over the next checkpoint

You aren’t supposed to ask for full code sections as stated here:

I can give you a rundown though. First off, you should be doing this all client sided, so there should be a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts controlling this. In that LocalScript, have a variable for the current arrow, and detect when the level changes. When that level changes, destroy the old arrow, and clone a new arrow into the next checkpoint. I can help you more once you get the main code down.

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