Arsenal 2.9.9 Update

AA12, PRISMAS, Pan, Racket, L86A3, XR15 and FAMAS.

Golf Pro, Kyle, Chef, Tennis Star, Rhino and Gladiator.

New Taunts:
Skateboard & Aerostepping

New Kill Effect:

New Map:

Anna from Adopt Me! joins the Arsenal battle!

Other new stuff:

  • Streamer Mode - Disables the megaphone & chat.
  • Rampage notifications - Let the server know your true power.
  • 10 New Badges - Also includes new badge categories: ‘Weapons’ & ‘Difficult’.
  • All unusuals were remade.

The air is starting to get scratchy and the leaves are starting to fall in Hillside & Safehouse.

  • Modified Safehouse layout, jump boost now needed to get to the roof.
  • Redesigned & moved the ‘Team Leader’ & ‘Match Leader’ to the bottom left of the screen.
  • End match screen now shows player’s XP level.
  • Buffed Firework launcher.
  • Handcannon re-balance.


  • Fixed “No Healing Effect” UI missing.
  • Fixed & re-released 2 badges from the summer update.
  • Fixed a stuck spot in Dust2, near tunnels.
  • Fixed MAC-10 missing arm & kill icon.

Arsenal has also had an economy redesign.

The cost of BattleBucks has changed (100 Robux for 1,000 BattleBucks to 95 Robux for 1,200 BattleBucks)

The VIP gamepass has changed, price reduced to 495 Robux, 1.5x funds bonus removed.

If you bought the VIP game pass before this change, this does not affect you. You will keep the 1.5x funds bonus, plus all items associated with the pass.

To keep track of this, the previous game pass has been taken off sale and a new one has been placed on sale.

The Starter Pack has had a price reduction to 95 Robux, it also comes with a character & flair case instead of funds. If you missed out on the StarterPack, all players have had their timer reset.


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