Arsenal August Update (2.9)

Hello again everybody! Here’s a small update with some quality of life improvements and some new features! Like I said with the last update, we had bigger visions for the update. We’ve been busy with the Accelerator Program working on a brand new game that we are excited to announce soon, our artists have been very busy working on that so this is a content dry update, this is more feature intensive.

New Game Type
We have a new Game Type available in this update. Gun Rotations! Every 15 seconds everyone’s guns will rotate to the same gun. It’s an alternate way to play arsenal that’s for sure. A weird quirk with this gametype is your gun no longer changes on every kill, allowing some weird interactions you haven’t seen before in arsenal.

The exciting part of this update! Unusuals are now available in Arsenal. Everytime you unbox a character crate in arsenal, there’s a 1% chance that you will get an unusual version, with a random effect. There are 18 effects and 73 possible skins, allowing for exactly 1,314 combinations as of this update, this makes them very unique and collectable!

You can also combine copies of your duplicates into special versions of your skins! 10 Copies = Collectors Sparkle and 100 Copies = Collectors Shine!

Misc. Changes
Blast jumping is now consistent based on framerates.
Health packs now fall to the ground
Cross-hair Color moved to settings
Dust 2 Clips reverted to original
Aircraft water & background boat removed

Planned Stuff
We had alot more stuff planned for this update, but this stuff will be moved to a future update. The following things are in the works and will most likely get added. (Small chance they might get scrapped)

Mobile Layout Customization

& the obvious stuff.

More Skins & Emotes
A New Event
A New crossover character
New weapons


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