Arsenal Brickbattle Update Change Log

Hello Arsenal Fans!

I’m proud to announce Arsenal’s biggest content update yet!

New Content!

One new gametype, Brickbattle!
This gametype will put you in classic roblox brickbattle maps, armed with classic roblox battle weapons! Same gun game style, one kill = one upgrade. Have fun blasting away at the map the same classic way but with an Arsenal twist!

The weapons featured in this gametype are:

  • Slingshot
  • Superball
  • Rocket Launcher (1 Shot)
  • Bomb

Your butterfly knife will be changed into a classic linkedsword!
Also, each player is always equipped with a trowel, allowing you to build yourself cover on the fly!

The maps featured in this gametype are:

  • Bloxburg
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Crossroads
  • Raven Rock
  • Skylands

8 New Character Skins
8 New skins that will show up in the shop rotation, but they are available in crates, maybe you’ll get a new skin early!

One new emote, the megaphone!
The megaphone allows you to insert an ID and when you activate the taunt, it will play that sound ID! No worries though! Players are sitting ducks while playing their favorite audio. You can shut them up real quick if you’d like!

New equippable content, Announcers!
You can now unlock and equip announcers! You know those guys who scream at you after you get headshots and win a game? You can now pick your favorite one to play, or unlock new ones!

  • Homeless , Voiced by @zKevin
  • Warcrimes , Voiced by [Waiting for permission]
  • YouTuber , Voiced by @Defaultio

New equippable content, Kill Effects!
Leave your mark on the battlefield by having unique kill effects to those you slay! Everytime you get a kill with a weapon that doesn’t have a defined kill effect, it will play the new kill effect!

  • Blackhole
  • Cubic
  • Decapitate
  • Evaporate
  • Gib
  • Propulse
  • Stone
  • Team Stone

A new way to obtain items, Crates!
Crates allow you to unbox items that are not in the item shop, including ones that have yet to be released! Currently, there are two crates, and if you unbox an item you already own, you will get 50% of your bucks back! (This could change in the future!)

  • Character Crate
    –Unbox only skins!
  • Flair Crate
    –Unbox Kill Effects, Announcers and Emotes

**3 New Universal Weapons available in standard gamemode, (COMING SOON) **

  • M3 Grease Gun
  • M1 Carbine Paratrooper
  • M1 Garand

General changes

Added rarities for every unlockable item, making them have a more clear heiarchy for the new unboxing system.

Ragdolls for people you kill and when you die will always play, no matter your graphics setting. But based on your graphics setting, ragdolls will be added to debris quicker, so ragdolls won’t create massive performance problems on XBOX and Iphones

Updated Dust 2 map to be more up-to-date


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