Arsenal Halloween

Agent, Annihilator, Arsonist, *Clown, Crusader, Cultist, *Deadlinquent, Doctor, Farmer Scarecrow, Halloween Vampire, *Horseman, Kingpin, Mechanic, *Plague Doctor, Red Panda, *Retro Zombie, Runner, The Marksman, The Trooper, Shinobi, Slasher, Slayer

*Event Exclusive
Plus remakes of Ninja & John Brick

5 Characters, 5 Kill Effects, 4 Melees, 2 Emotes

In Addition…

Seven New Weapons -
Nailgun, Mauser Carbine, Micro Uzis, PIZZA, PPSH, Razor Bomb, Spellbook

Three New Gamemodes -
Clown Infection, Juggernaut & Randomizer

*Six New Unusuals -
Blood Moon, Blue Moon, Ghoulish Moon, Stunning Skull, Summoning Circle, The Void

*Can only be unboxed from the new Unusual Case.

• Fixed Shuffle for Characters, Announcers & Kill Effects.
• Improved jump pads.
• Fixed skateboard collision issues.
• Improved how unusuals are mapped to characters.

Happy Halloween & have fun trick-or-treating!


arsenal dad


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