Arsenal - Halloween

Introducing Hackula!

A new gamemode that adds random temporary status effects to all players such as: Slow Motion, Mystery Weapons, Infinite Ammo, Extra Bucks, Double Damage & more!
At the end of each Hackula round, team up with friends and foes to defeat Hackula, but watch out! You may get bitten!

Twenty eight new characters

Agetha, Alchemist Plauge Doctor, Beckoned Pirate, Day of the Dead: Skullbetro & Skullrita, Fallen Veteran, Frank, Gaslight Detective, Ghastelle, Ghost of Developing, Gnome, Grug, Hackula, Hazmat, Marionette, Molten Slasher, Mummy, Phanitina, Pumpking, Reaper, RottingRouser, Skullmander, Tetra, Vahn, Witch, Zombella, Zombert

Twelve new weapons

Primary weapons: Acid Spitter, Dispenser, Soul Pistol, & TP Launcher
Melees: Balloon Sword, Candleabra, Electronic Stake, Fire Poker, Garlic Kebab, Handy Candy, Pumpkin Bucket, & Pumpkin Staff

Five new emotes

Brew, Crazy Chainsaw, Headtrick, Startle, & Witches’ Broom

Three new maps

Introducing Chaoticrypt, Hackula’s Castle, & Monastery to the map pool!

Returning Content

Tuscan is celebrating SpookyFest! Come join in on the festivities!
Aircraft is under attack! All hands on deck!
Classic Thrills! Height Frights has returned to it’s original scenery.
Dare to enter the mighty manor again?
Squeek… Squeek… Squeek… BONK! :clown_face:

Unusual Case

Twelve new unusuals: Angel, Bat Colony, Corrupted Angel, Evil Inside You, Horned Soul, Infected Darkness, One of Many Faces, Rave In The Grave (comes in Green, Orange & Purple), Stormy, & Strange Eye of Man

Available for a limited amount of time.


Six new kill effects: BatMorph, Chains, Coffin, Dramatic Death, Spooked, & Sweetsplosion

Ten new weapon skins: Bones, Candied, Candies, Candles, Cartoony Ghost, Hallowed Crystals, Police Tape, Pumpkins, Skulls, & Webs

Community Credits

Pumpking & Gnome by gamer24241
Sweetsploshion by Buildingssss
Cartoony Ghosts by TheChefsChoice
Candied by Pxlble
Bat Axe by bacter
Posion Potion by Dekania
Swirly Ghouls by Ascorbine
Evil Within by WholesaleXdbos

More content on the way

Later the day this is posted, we’ll be adding another new map & announcer pack! Canals & Murderous Child


A friendly reminder to follow local guidelines when trick-or-treating. Wishing you king candy bars & a safe night!


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