ARSENAL - Holiday Havoc

Play & progress up to 5,000 kills during the event to unlock exclusive items.

→ New Trailer

→ 40 new items

• 12 new characters, 5 new event characters
• 1 new emote, 2 new event emotes
• 3 new melees, 4 new event melees
• 3 new weapons
• 1 new announcer pack

→ Daily Challenges

Unlock a new challenge for free each day. Challenges may be discarded. Extra challenges may be purchased.

In addition,

• New map: Silo 20
• New map for VIP servers: Glacier
• If you have previously missed a day of the 12 days of login bonuses, you can now purchase a make up day.
• The VIP game pass is 30% off now through December 26th.
• The settings menu has been remade and is now split up into categories.

Thank you to all of our players! This year has been amazing and we hope it has been just as fun for you. Happy Holidays from Rolve, we hope you enjoy your break and wish you best of luck as the new year and decade approaches.