Arsenal - Showtime!

Arsenal is back with a roaring theme celebrating a century of time passed: Arsenal Showtime! Experience new Arsenal content with the ultra vintage 1920s theme.

Seven new characters:

Aviator, Gal, News Girl, News Boy, Sailor, Worker & Labourer.
Plus a new style for Mobster: Hitman

Six new weapons:

DB Chauchat, Inertial Shotgun, Kolibri, M1919A6 Machine Gun, BAR, & Springfield Rifle

New gamemode:

Arcade - Fight in an even faster paced battle with weapon pickups, stat changes, faster moving speed, no reloading, and double jumping for all weapons.

New Emote:

Showtime Swing

New Map:


Other changes

Free For All is now a team type, not a gamemode.
Muzzle flash and bullet trail visual improvements.
Changed certain impact particles.
New display setting for vintage filter in free for all. (Now off by default, you can enable it in the :gear: Settings :gear:menu.)

Play Now

sorry for no pictures im tired :zzz: