Arsenal - Summer III


Dual LCRs, Chord Tosser, Trash Can, Cone Launcher, MG36, SCAR-L, M249, G-21, Model 635


Introducing the Big Sippy & Delinquent POP!

Punk Rioter, Ranger Desperado, Ranger Hoss, Buff Battle, Lumber Jacked

New emotes:

Create a band with your friends and rock out with the Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Complete with controls!

Refill your riffs or be a bit gluttonous with the Hotdog & Ice cream!

NEW: Competitive Matchmaking

A new way to play:
1v1 matchmaking with ELO ranks.

We’re currently testing this so expect matchmaking & gameplay changes as well of the possibility of your ELO resetting as we further develop this mode. More is on the way including group matchmaking & proper display ranks.

NEW: VIP Shooting Range


Now you too can access your own Arsenal in the new shooting range. Try out every weapon in Arsenal, even the ones you weren’t allowed to use.

The shooting range will receive further development with improved visuals and more things to interact with.

VIP Server Betas:

Check out these changes in your VIP server!

Summary of changes

Randomizer Re-roll

  • After eliminating an enemy, you’ll have the chance to re-roll your weapon without respawning.


  • Movement speed increased by 40%
  • Players do 50% more damage
  • Players have complete air control
  • Jump height reduced

Concussion Mania Rework

  • New beta version available for testing
  • Players have infinite reserve ammo
  • Specific maps for the gamemode (Greybox testing)
  • Players obtain 1 point for killing another player with the rifle
  • Players obtain 3 points for getting environmental kills
  • Players knockback increases the lower their health
  • Players can take control of knockback caused by the enemy
  • Concussion Rifle does 5 Self Damage
  • Concussion Rifle does 25 to other players

Sword Fights

  • Players move 40% faster
  • Players have complete air control
  • Jump height reduced
  • Swords rebalanced

  • 10 new kill effects:
    Penguin_Missile BackFlip Bucket FireworkBundle KO Standing Coned

Penguin Missile, Back flip, Bucket, Bunch of Fireworks, KO Sound, Platform Stand, Cone, Summer Blossom, Triangles, and Poof.

  • 6 new unusuals:
    Unstable Sun V1 & V2, Ducks, Enchantment, Sparkling Clover RED & GREEN

  • The majority of viewmodel arms have been remastered.

  • In the gamemodes ‘Pistols’ and ‘Automatics’, the golden knife is no longer needed to win.

  • Various guns have been remastered.

  • Various new gun sounds.

  • Framework optimizations.

  • New settings menu.

  • Vote Kick has been added.

Weapon Rebalances:

Summary of rebalances
  • The PRIMAS now fire two rounds in one shot.
  • EM249 Reload Speed 6.15 → 5.5
  • M1911 Spread 40 → 12
  • Falkor Fire Rate: 0.02 → 0.1
  • Removed the iron sights on the SCAR-H model.


  • PP-Bizon 64/64 → 64/128
  • PRISMAS 24/56 → 16/80
  • EM249 150/150 → 100/200
  • Falkor 30/90 → 17/85
  • SCAR-H 30/90 → 20/60
  • M16A2 20/60 → 30/90


The character crate has been split up into 11 different crates, containing characters released in a similar time period. Summer 3’s stuff is available right now in a unique cooler crate!

Contains Summer III characters, emotes, and melees!

We’ve added a new button to the main menu: Extra Gamemodes.

Access the new 1v1 competitive through here as well as the previous slaughter event.