Arsenal Thumbnail GFX Feedback

:wave:t4: Hello everyone! I’m a intermediate 3D GFX artist. I made this GFX for Arsenal with blender 2.9 and photoshop. If you have any feedback please reply below all feedback is appreciated and it helps me out a lot.

:heart: Thanks!


The ground is too bumpy and also add smoke to the fire


Thanks for the feedback! I will add that and fix the ground.

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There’s no light coming from the explosion and the inside of the building to the left is very dark.


arsenal is a shooting game why does is barely anyone holding guns


The water looks extremely weird, and there is no light beign emitted from the exploision. The sand also looks extremely out of place and too realistic. The posing is also a bit awkward for most of the people wearing blue.


Main issue is the explosion. There is no debris flying around, no shrapnel, and no lighting and exposure coming from the explosion. Explosions create heat and light, so extra flames may help.

The explosion itself looks too “bland” and bunched up, which is why it looks plasticky. Lighten it up and add smoke and light.

I see a cardboard robot with a nailgun. The nailgun has what looks like a muzzle flash, which wouldn’t make too much sense considering the nailgun doesn’t use explosive propellant like any other gun.

The sand texture seems like it was trying to go for footprint marks, but it’s too excessive, tone it down.

Other than these problems it’s not too bad.


Imo there’s too much going on, if you wanted it as a background I’d have one focus point (like a character super close to the camera)

Also need bright lighting for explosion

Barely anyone holds a gun

Besides those it looks really cool, nice use of sand too!