Arsenal: Winter Update Part 2

Winter Update PT.2 - V.9709:

Arsenal Winter Part 2 is here, and with that comes some new additions, and some small changes.

New Features

– Group Rewards

  • By being in the ROLVe Group you will receive a chat tag (:muscle:) and 25% more Bucks and XP for winning a round.

– In game update log

  • Check the upper right of your screen for an envelope icon to view updates in game, as well as bug patches and balance changes.

– Random Drops

  • A new feature added for experimentation, being used for testing as a way to introduce unique items to the game. For now it will only drop crate items.

– Victory Themes

  • Back in Arsenals early years a gamepass was introduced for Victory Themes that play at the end of the round. This system has returned but as an obtainable item via the flair crates. You can change your victory theme in the audio section of the settings menu.

– Menu Music

  • If you’re tired of listening to gun fire in the menus, you can now vibe with menu music that comes in two flavors: Arsenal Main Theme, and Christmas Tree. You can mute this music in the audio section of the settings menu.

– Custom hit / kill sounds

  • Check out the new options that will allow you to replace the audio of your hit and kill sounds in the audio section of the settings menu.

– New Gamemode: Snowball Fight

  • Fight in teams of 2 in a TDM snowball war, all snowballs deal instant kill damage. Fight with your team to best them in this new game-mode.

– Sneaky Santas

  • Santa paid a visit this year, but he might have gotten too playful. He’s hidden five gifts around
    arsenal! Can you find them all before December is over to claim your reward?

Cosmetic Additions

– Gift Crate

  • A crate that will gift everyone in the server a random character crate skin! It has a higher
    chance for unusual drops (5%).

– New Winter Character Crate featuring:

  • Fern
  • Winter Wisp
  • Snowball Warrior
  • Winter
  • Father Time
  • Contestant
  • Mall Santa
  • Ice Golem
  • Victory Bell
  • Jolly Singer
  • Merry Singer
  • Mr. Moon

– 4 New Kill Effects

  • Shirt
  • Random SFX
  • Head Out
  • Despawn

– Calling Card Pack

  • You can finally obtain (10) calling cards via a new crate in the shop.

Misc Changes

– When previewing items in crates, it will now indicate which items you already own.

– Reverted Assault

  • The new version of the map had a mysterious bug suddenly start happening that
    we can not figure out at this time and has been reverted for the time being until we
    can fix it.

– Somethings different?

  • Something about this emote is different…

Bug Patches

– Users should no longer be slowed down after blast jumping.
– Various view-model fixes for new characters.