(art) da new year

its finally 2013! what? a virus and wildfires? what are you talking about, lets go play undead nation!!

hehe so
i was a bit late for drawing something for new years at 12am but i managed to finish it. i wanted it to be some simple doodle but i decided to paint over it as best i could Lol!!

(if ur wondering who these ppl are its just the many costumes i have on my avatar cuz i so styleesh B))
theres also 4 references in this drawing so feel free to point it out :happy1:

lemme know what you think of this and possibly give some feedback- and happy new year :happy3:


only 1 has found referenc… and i will reveal all

  1. kirby firework image
  2. roblox logo firework image
  3. animal crossing firework fountain
  4. 2013 sparkler (except it says 2021 ofc)

I love your art style! It’s cute and cool at the same time! I don’t think you need to improve anything on this! It’s prefect as it is!

(PS, I would probably add a watermark next time to prevent someone stealing your work)

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dw abt the watermark, its hidden image
all of my signatures are hidden in my artwork so if someone steals it i can just checkmate them with where the signature is


And it worked! I didn’t even realize that your watermark was there! Lol!


I didn’t even notice that it was there lol

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Kirby :ok_hand:t3:

I love it, especially that kind of painty shading


LOL THIS IS SO CUTE! 1000000/10
For real though this is great


The art style is VERY VERY CUTE :slight_smile: this is great art!

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Adorable and epic art style. You fit your theme well, with very epic fireworks in the background,
and the reflections on the tin-pot are great too!
Also, one of your lines gave me nostalgia.

You put some nice and simple avatars into it, added some props, etcetera. Very cool. Great job!

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ohhh yes i meant to add that there
specifically 2013 because theres a reference in the drawing abt it (probably some people will get if they owned it)
tyty :happy1:


You could make one bigger firework!

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