Art Logo For Murder Games

Hello everybody, so some great news thanks to @Bytiiz I have a found a way to find effects to make my logos better & I wanna share this art that I made for Murder Games, what do you guys think about it! :smiley:

Thank you for viewing this topic everybody, if there is any feedback, tips, or help on making my logos better please reply.

Have a great day everybody! :smiley:


if you didn’t tell me that was supposed to say murder games I would thought it said
muer games, but really nice logo no feedback other than that.


Maybe if the hat was above the logo it would be easier to read, other than that it looks pretty good!

yeah good point… i say make it somehow more noticable then it would look spot on

Nice work, but I have a few suggestions.

This hat has its neck-strap added on very oddly. The strings appear to be on the hat’s brim instead of under the hat. I’d consider making the black-brim outline go all the way around the hat and hiding the string.


The hat is very close to the top of the logo, and it would be much better if there was more spacing. Consider moving the word “Murder” and other items associated downwards.


The following corner-triangles are not needed. While the entire logo is dark the corners are bright white and it doesn’t make much sense.


The logo is off-center! The cowboy hat should align with the center of the image. The radiant background is just to the right of the logo.


That’s about it. Hope I helped.

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