Article mentions a code that isn't attached

The article about Sound and Music on the Developer Hub says “paste in the following code” on multiple occasions while there is zero code to copy nor paste in the article. This makes the whole article kind of useless as it’s written based of the code being absent so the reader can see it and learn from it. Article should have the code included or rewritten so it explains how to make the code.


The code loads fine on my end - try resetting your browser cache, or try another browser and see if it works for you.

May you send a picture to confirm this? I tried on different devices earlier, but haven’t had the chance to try on a different browser as I keep getting 504 Gateway errors when attempting to reach the website.

Sorry for the late reply!

I went to the article to send you a screenshot and now the code doesn’t load. It definitely did load for me earlier. Trying another browser won’t work for me either.

The article about Camera Manipulation is also affected by this issue:

It’s possible this is a site wide issue. Is anybody able to confirm other pages with this issue?

I managed to find the code supposed to be there by using Google’s web cache.

Seems like this issue is related to Developer Hub pages can randomly not be accessed (depending on developer/time/ISP/region?)