Hi there! I am EDRBLX, I am an inspiring artist, Im fast, kind, and a responsible artist! I am 13 Years old and I am from Philippines, If you’ll be mean to me, Don’t worry Im not going to fight back… I love helping the community, And Im also needing an drawing tab that costs about 25$ so Im saving for it ^-^


Here are some of my Showcasses! I have a little examples atm, But I could send more in dms

Past works


I am available at anytime so hit me up if you want to order! I am not going to draw at night because I might make your art dead graphics… But I could talk to you at night since Im online untill 2 am PHT.


There are different types of prices and payment methods! The prices and methods bellow.


Shoulders up:
50 R$ with tax / 1$ with tax - Robux/Paypal

Half Body:
200 R$ with tax / 1.50$ with tax - Robux/Paypal

Full body:
500-1k R$ with tax/ 5-10$ with tax - Robux/Paypal

10-25$ with tax - Paypal = You will get 3-10 Pfp drawings


You could Contact me here, Or on discord, But mostly on discord!
DevForum: @edroi123
Discord: EDRBLX#7463

Thanks for taking your time and reading my portfolio, Hope you will order one! to support me, Pay paypal for me to but my goal, Drawing tab!