ARTISTS: Reply with all the Profile picture you have made for yourself

These are the PFPs I’ve made for my self throughout all my years of creating GFX’s. Hope it’s good enough for you to leave a like!
If there’s anything you want to point out that isn’t right, let me know in the replies section!
try to see how your PFP has evolved each profile picture.

Which is the best in you opinion?


I prefer 6! It looks a bit better and it stands out a bit more than the rest!.

Also the 3rd image, you could bend a few limbs.


I haven’t really made myself a Roblox themed profile picture as I’m not that engrossed in Roblox, so I could say this might work.

It’s just some random render I made with my Roblox avatar. My actual profile picture that I use for most things is this.

Rating your progress, you did improve a lot in that period in terms of effects. The 6th one looks out of place due to the poor lighting and odd facial expression, but the others aren’t too bad.


The last one in my opinion is the one with the best lighting, the rest also look good.
If I could suggest that you improve something it would be that you put more lighting and life at the bottom of the last image, but I like it! :+1:


This was the first one (for Discord)

And the one I made recently

I like saluting for no reason.


The only one i’ve made


is that your progress throughout all the years? COOL!

here is my pfp

My youtube chanel logo!

Probably this one. It seems as if it was recent when you posted this topic!

I’ve been using this one ever since I got my first big paycheck, which I used to buy the outfit.

Okay, Here I go

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