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Hello DevForum Community, my name is Artzius and I animate. I’ve been on roblox officially since 2014 however I only started developing in 2017. Over the past three years i’ve tried nearly everything including and not limited to: building, 3D meshing, GFX design, music composing, scripting, animating, and overall Game Design. I’ve worked for some large groups including a Star Wars group that hit 100,000 members in 2018. I enjoy what I do and will always try to achieve my best level of work in everything i’m assigned and commissioned for.

Currently at this time I specialize in R6 and R15 IK Constrained models however I am not limited to doing Rigging and animating of non-IK models but they will fetch a higher rate compared to basic ROBLOX Imported Rigs.


Examples of Works



My standard rates are below however depending on the exact specifications of the work, it can vary. I’m quite reasonable and am willing to accomodate if we can agree to a middle ground.

Basic Animation…500-750 ROBUX
Intermediate Animation…750-1,000 ROBUX
Advanced Animation…1,000-5,000 ROBUX

Basic Animations are simple walking style animations. Similar to the Star Wars Droid in the Examples tab.

Intermediate Animations are animations like the Shoulder Roll shown above. It takes usually 30 minutes to an Hour to perfect the movement and make it look clean and fluid.

Advanced Animations are like the sword movements and striking movement as well as all NON rigged models. These animations usually tend to take 1-2 hours to complete and will receive the utmost rigor in order to achieve the highest fluidity and smoothness to their movement. Any animation in this grade will receive plenty of feedback from the person ordering the Commission.


How to Reach Me

The main way of contact in order to reach me is through discord. As in the first imagine up above, you may reach me at: Artzius#0001 however I am reachable through ROBLOX as Artzius. Currently all negotiations will be done 100% through discord. Please do feel free to reach out and even if you’re looking for some short term, long term, or in between work, i’ll always take time to consult and quote you depending on the needs of the job. I will always respond within 12-24 hours unless there is an extenuating circumstance in my day.

Discord: Artzius#0001
ROBLOX: Artzius
Twitter: @Artzius

Thank You for taking the time to read this and I hope I will be doing work with you soon!



Hi! Did you change your discord tag? I’m unable to reach you via discord. x

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Hello, I was just wondering if you still open, please let me know.

For those who are not able to access or view the Gyazo links, I have embedded them for you :slight_smile:

Found their new discord. Artzius#0001

Hey can u animate in blender ?