As a builder, how do you plan your builds?

I start building something random, make it work, and I grow from that point.


I plan my builds with a visual in my mind first. I want to get it out of my head as much as posisble and put it into a form of building. I sometimes real life items/locations for reference of what I can do and mix it with. I for example do not like to replicate a exact thing. If it was to build something from a picture I would modify it deeply with my imagination to make it work.


I completely agree.


I actually made a tutorial describing how I would design and plan a build, Ill get the link for you and i hope It can help you! :smiley:


Well, I usually sketch it down on paper IRL then measure it by studs and finally build it in Roblox Studio. Hope this helps!


Close my eyes and hope for the best…
Nah jk…
I usually copy off a picture. When im doing imagination, i let autopilot take control. (read above)


I usually make a rough build first ( for practice ) Not too detailed and then draw out what I would like and where I would like it on the rough map and improve the map etc. Try to focus on just one spot at a time no matter how big or small

Or I would base the build off an Image like this :


I don’t necessarily plan my builds. What I typically do is insert a part, give it the texture, color, and material, then move on to the next part.

I do have a suggestion to help you out while building.

Use ctrl + D instead of ctrl + C | ctrl + V.


Whenever I try to make a map for my racing game. I tend to decide where to base the location on. I then use images or look at maps of a city to get some ideas. This will be the same for my other game which will be a open world driving game set in the United Kingdom.


The only things I plan in my builds are:

  • Location
  • Season (the same build can look differently during spring and winter for example)
  • Building Style

The rest is pretty much spontaneous. It’s not the best way cus I end up not finishing the projects but I do enjoy working like that since it helps with reviving my imagination.

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Since someone bumped this thread, allow me to answer your question. :slight_smile:

Long story short, I accidentally wrote a considerably big answer, so I decided to make it a thread instead. You can find it here: A general guide on how to build


I never usually plan that much, but my partner is so obsessed with planning! I just don’t agree with it. I feel discouraged when I think about the project as a whole. I’ll usually start with a small thing in the project, then do the big things last!

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What is needed is

  1. Inspiration and Motivation to make something; don’t force it, because inspiration will come from anywhere, then
  2. The idea or you can use the Reference then convert it into sketch / greyboxing, then
  3. Start to build something and focus on one point,
  4. Improvisation or continue to Practicing until there is an adjusment,
  5. Special, make something that interesting, not something that is usually found in Roblox.

And most importantly don’t often saying “How do I do this?” Because it will only make you demotivated and doubt.

To know that you have push your creativity is to make things with confidence and do not have to look perfect and continue to improvise your skills.


I’m a very visual builder. Usually I dream up a project, and try to visual it in my head as much as I possibly can. The process of thinking up my game, is just as important to me as actually building it.

Furthermore, anytime you tend to get stuck, try and find inspiration in something similar to what you are trying to accomplish. My current game is a city based project, so I constantly take inspiration from showcases like the Neon District. Find somebody else who has accomplished what you are trying to do and learn as much as possible.


Not going to lie, I dive straight in. No planning, and no regret. Honestly, it brings the best out in me.


Agreed, it takes me a couple of hours to hammer out something that I finally like a lot, but man is it really rewarding in the end.

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I don’t really do too much planning, all I do is find a model or picture that I want to build, and start building.
However, I do a bit of planning (as not doing any planning can end up pretty disastrous). Most of the time, I take a look at what I’m building and decide what parts I’m going to build first, second, etc. Sometimes, when I’m building something as large as an entire map, I’ll go ahead and take myself to a program like Paint and plan out where everything is going to go and what I’ll have in the game.

I know that this reply might be a bit late, but still. I suggest that you create a very rough model with minor detail. I recommend that you draw out a rough sketch on a piece of paper, or digitally. After you create a rough model, you should plan out what details you want on the model. You can always experiment, until you have your finished product.

I have a trello board with every model that I will be using with pictures of rough models and a description of what I will put onto it. It’s optional; I’m just extra.

With lighting, you have a wide range of types. It depends on what sort of atmosphere you want the game to be. For an example, if you wanted a bright happy game, you should add some gray color correction and negative saturation etc… You can do this by going down to ‘lighting’ and adding your own personal effects.

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I use pictures, lots of them, to see every little details on the build (I take more time looking at pictures than building for a fact)

Then, you don’t need to go for extremely detailed and tedious builds, just be accurate with the model you represent, and it will look good.

As for improving, practice, try different methods of building, and such.

As for planning, start to build it part by part, start by the front, for example, finish it, move to the other, and so on.

I usually build a simple version of what I want to build then I find some images to make it more detailed.
I take a lot of inspiration from other builds/images.