Planning your builds

Let’s be honest no one enjoys wasting time drawing out builds when they’re ready to build!

This is a method I personally use when building, I hope you find this helpful as it helps me design my builds. I will provide examples of this below.

First, it is important to crate a general shape of what the build will be, this really depends on what you’re building but for example lets use a hallway. wip3

Here you see how I made a basic shape behind the detailed design, I always add a plain template to add detail onto when doing walls.

When building hallways I tend to start with one side of the wall and make the pillars first or the object that will stand out the most, as shown in the image above.

Once I have made a finished detailed wall I will move onto the roof, same as the wall I will make a general shape of what I want the roof to look like then add detail.

Once the roof is done I will move onto the other side of the wall, this is where you need to start thinking of the environment of where the build will be based for this project I added a window on the otherside to show that its based in a space station etc.

Here is the finished project! :grin:


I think this would be great in the Tutorials section. Nice job!


I dunno where tutorial section is, I’m new here.


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Thinking of making more but more aimed at map making


Thank you so much! This is a great tip and I will use it throughout my entire development career on Roblox.


No worries glad I could help haha

Damn I miss this type of work, good times