As a new member

How do i started my roblox account ?

I start roblox in 2018 because of my brother and I wondered what is roblox so I tried it and i create account before i do that I thought it was just a game and i see I could also make a game so I decide making a game and until now I am still active.

How do i become member ?

I saw the dev forum group and I wondered how to join so I searched and I found out what the requirements are to become a member and because I know the requirments so I do and I really worked hard just to join and now I am officialy member.

Thanks for …

Thank you so much because I am a new member and this is my first post thanks roblox as I am one of the new members i will make my game very well and updating my game every month.


I am currently in high school grade 10 school in philippines and I am still studying hard so that I can learn to much also i can make script very well and more.