As a Roblox player, it is currently too hard to join new servers when a friend is playing

Whenever a new trendy game comes out there’s always bound to be someone on my friends list playing it at the time. Because of this i am always forced to join a server my friend is in.

Since the day server lists got removed this has frustrated me to death. I often require server hopping because i have to find new people to trade with, or because i dislike the people i’m playing with. I don’t want to boss my friends around telling them to leave just because i’m the one that wants to get into another server.

Could it by any chance be taken into consideration to implement an option that stops me from automatically following friends in-game?

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It would be awesome if we could have a feature to do this in settings.


Hey, so server instances are back! Thank you to all the roblox employees who were involved with this change!

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