As a scripter with 1.5 years of experience, I have run into a dead end

I liked this one: 1. A more in-depth Among Us game where you have to consider things such as the cause of death, similar to Danganronpa. Anyone can be the murderer, it’s not pre-defined.

and I have an idea of how I could do certain things (cause of death, etc)
it reminds of TTT from gmod so I will be definitely trying this out

Make anything math or physics based if you wanna go into really professional positions. If you’re still starting off small you could try scripting stuff like visual effects abilities, this is sure to get some traction depending on how well you do it.

math and physics scare me


They’re the one thing that every roblox programmer has to have an understanding of.

i only know basic math, i can’t deal with anything that involves equations (linear or square)

i only know what it does and where to use it, but i dont know the theory behind it

you start off simple and go onto doing major, try making parts move using a custom velocity and then you can move onto actual rigs moving.

unless ur me and go straight to the hard stuff e.e

Learn Object Orientated Programming (OOP) and Luau features like type checking to learn how to structure your projects.

by type checking you mean typeof? I’m familiar with that already and have used it

No, I mean using comment directives like --!strict to turn on the typing engine to ensure your program is “type sound” and explicit typing, type generics et cetera.

type array<T> = {T}
local numberArray: array<number> = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

local boolVariable: bool = 5 --TypeError
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Learn OOP

how did you do that, that is definitely not thirty chrs…

I get what you mean. Tomorrow will be my 1 month anniversary into developing. I’ve already done a bit of building, but I spent most of my time programming.
To stay motivated, I made sure to have a social platform like twitter to post my progress so I am able to look back and see where I came from.

Just today I finished a commission where I made a player detection area that saves & deletes the inventory and gives you a sword to fight other players. It took me a long time, multiple dips in motivation and progress, but I kept going and I eventually got to the point that made me realize why I enjoy learning programming.

Every time I fix a bug or malfunction in the code, I feel fulfilment. That comes as fast as it goes since the code will break right after, but ignoring that I was able to submit the finished project today and I feel better than ever, motivated to use the knowledge I gained on new projects.

You have to enjoy the learning, otherwise there is nothing to learn. You have to overcome boundaries to learn from them. If you don’t want to get over those boundaries, there is nothing to learn.

I hope you find the right ideas and motivation to work on your new project as you mentioned before. Don’t be afraid to ask the community for help. You may feel humiliated by asking, but I promise you that afterwards, fixing and understanding your code is much better than never having asked at all.
Good luck.

I have made a little module for something yesterday, where can I make a post about it?