As a scripter with 1.5 years of experience, I have run into a dead end

I literally DON’T know what to learn about or if there is anything to learn in scripting anymore.
I know most of the stuff that comes with Roblox scripting, such as:

  • RemoteEvents
  • Tweening
  • ModuleScripts
  • LocalScripts
  • CFrame functions

What can I make or what can I learn at this point anymore? I feel like I might have learned about everything there is but I also feel like there’s more to come. I’m planning to attempt to make my own game yet I have no idea what game I want to make or how I am going to make it, I don’t know the extent of my skills and I am afraid to apply for developer positions because I might lack the skills necessary to fulfill my hirer’s requirements


Making games is also a good idea, but why you don’t try to learn other programming languages (or try using lua outside of roblox), make some projects, learn, make some more projects, make a big project (try making a game engine).


Start making games with things slightly outside of your comfort zone so you can refine your skills


I am also an addon developer for Garry’s Mod, does that count?


The thing is, I can try, but I will most likely run into a roadblock in search of how to do this: and slave away hours looking for a solution, sometimes I just get terrified of the idea and can’t thiink of a way to even kickstart the thing I am trying to make


instead of looking for the solution. Let the solution come to you. Make a dev forum post like you did now and move on to a different feature that the game might need and return later when you get given a solution


But is it really making something your own if you need to ask for help to make it work?


did einstein work out everything he did by himself?


i don’t know



you aint seeing the point
im saying everyone needs help at some point

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so it’s okay to ask for help once in a while if you get stuck somewhere


You shouldnt ever run out of stuff to learn, like just today i was experimenting with making crt monitor effects, and to do that i needed to make a reverse pixel RGB mask of an image, a format i think i just invented… this is totally implausable to do by hand so i ended up having to learn a new programming language “SCHEME” inorder to write a script-fu program for GIMP.
Also if you havent done something clever with HTTP request in roblox you havent lived…


HTTP is too early for me, i’m not making a big game in need of httpservice

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ive scripted for only 8 months and ive been learning how to use the HTTP service. its never too early for anything but it always will be if you lack motivation

What I believe @Zolyphony is trying to say is, every dev gets stuck trying to accomplish things - it is not a good reason not to make something. Because if you want to dev things then you will get stuck …and have to figure a way out.

My 2-cents: you said

if there is anything to learn in scripting anymore.
I know most of the stuff that comes with Roblox scripting, such as

…but then you just listed some Roblox APIs. That isn’t even close to “everything that comes with Roblox scripting”.

Software developers make things people use. On the Roblox platform, that is games or plugins. If you’re looking for a way to gain real experience, find a way to make a game. Yours or with someone else. There are many “game ideas” threads on the forum - look at those if you need ideas to try.

There is no equivalent to putting in the hard work to make something new that actually works for people.

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You know that you don’t have to be successful and get a developer position at a studio group to improve or anything.

Just don’t worry about those once you start making your own attempts or projects you will start to realize it was all worth learning and you can make games on your own

Of course you can try there is no one stopping you from looking at solutions for it either you can look at forums, videos, lua’s own website etc… like who is gonna stop you? who is gonna call you a script kiddie? no one.

okay, give me an idea on a thing i should make

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instead of searching for things to do you can just take part in a game jam and wing it. Game jams helped me learn lots of features that i could use

i dont know of any game jams atm

Here are several dozen… Google is good at this kind of stuff :smiley: