Asagi Public Handbook

Welcome to Asagi!


Welcome to Asagi! Asagi is a smoothie bar industry that specializes in our hand-crafted Acai Bowls! Stop on by the smoothie bar today for a delicious, hand-crafted smoothie, or join our dedicated staff team to commence your wonderful career with us!

Roblox Group


Smoothie Bar
Come on down and order one of our hand-crafted smoothies!
Smoothie Bar - Roblox

Quiz Center
Want to start your career? Take the Trainee Quiz today and join our team!
Application Centre - Roblox

Training Center
Ready to rank up? Head on over to be trained for your next rank. Check the game’s description for session times.
Training Center - Roblox


We have a list of regulations that all players must abide by while visiting Asagi. Breaking a rule will get you warned. After receiving your third warning, you will be kicked from the server, unless otherwise stated.

Smoothie Bar Regulations


  • Disrespect will not be tolerated at any Asagi establishment. Our staff work hard to serve the community, and are trained to uphold integrity and respect. We ask that you return the favor and respect all players within the Asagi community and our alliances.


  • Trolling in any form is not tolerated within any of our facilities, and will be handled by staff promptly.


  • Spamming is considered a major violation at Asagi. Spamming of any kind will result in an immediate kick from the server, followed by a ban if continued.


  • Exploiting, whether it be harmful or just for fun, is not permitted on any of Asagi’s games. Doing so will result in an immediate ban.

Breaking Roblox TOS

  • As all games on the platform must abide by this set of rules, Asagi must uphold the Roblox TOS as well. This includes, but is not limited to, giving or receiving personal information, harassment and cyber bullying, child endangerment, hate speech, impersonation, and threats. Breaking any of those guidelines will result in an immediate ban, and a possible report to Roblox moderation.

Staff Regulations


  • Use grammar
  • Be professional
  • Respect customers and other staff
  • Treat every customer as family
  • Make sure every customer leaves happy


  • Argue with customers; they may be wrong and you may win the argument, but you will more than likely lose the customer
  • Be rude towards others
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job here?

  • Take the short quiz at our Quiz Center. Upon passing, you will be automatically ranked to Trainee. From there, you must attend a Training Session.

Can I work here since I have safechat?

  • Yes! We are an equal opportunity group.

I can work here and have safechat, but can I earn promotions?

  • Yes.

I was banned! What do I do?

  • Bans are issued for deliberately breaking our regulations. Please follow the guide listed in the Ban Appeal section of the handbook. Next time, please abide by our rules.

How do I earn a promotion?

  • Trainees must attend a Training Session to earn their first rank, Junior Mixer. From there, you can train for Mixer and Master Mixer. Management Interns are selected by the Corporate Division based on activity, dedication, grammar, professionalism and maturity.

Can I be a developer for Asagi?

  • Developers are contracted by the Chairman and are his sole decision.
Ban Appeal

If you were issued a ban from our Smoothie Bar, please use the guide below to file your appeal. If your ban is not permanent, please wait for the current server to shut down, and then you can proceed playing the Smoothie Bar once again. Please wait up to 1 week before sending us your ban appeal, unless otherwise stated in our logs. Your appeal can be sent to a Corporate Division member or filed using our ticket system in our communications server.

Ban Appeal Questions

  • Why were you banned?
  • When were you banned?
  • Who banned you? (if you know)
  • Why do you want to be unbanned?
  • Why should your ban appeal be accepted?
Rank Information


Customer Asagi customers can apply or get Interviewed to get a job.
Noted Customer Former High Ranks or other important members. These customers are treated with the utmost respect. This rank can only be granted by an SR if the member was not a High Rank or other important member.
Allied Representative These members represent our allied groups.

Low Ranks

Suspended Suspended from all staff operations.
Trainee Passed the quiz. Can attend a Training Session for full rank. Cannot work at the smoothie bar.
Junior Mixer First official staff rank. Junior Mixers make the delicious drinks ordered by customers.
Mixer More experienced than a Junior Mixer. Attended a Training Session for this rank.
Master Mixer More experienced than a Mixer. Attended a Training Session for this rank.

Management Division - Middle Ranks

Management Intern This rank is used as a training period for new Management members. They are taught everything to know about being a Staff Assistant and have all the tasks of a Staff Assistant.
Staff Assistant Staff Assistants are in charge of assisting the Low Ranks. They may also attend Training Sessions. They have Mod at the Smoothie Bar.
Shift Leader Shift Leaders may host shifts and should make sure that a shift is running smoothly. They have Mod at the Smoothie Bar.
Supervisor Supervisors may host Training Sessions. They have Mod at the Smoothie Bar.
Manager Managers are in charge of making sure all ranks below them are on task. They have Mod at the Smoothie Bar.
General Manager General Managers are in charge of making sure all ranks below them are on task. They have Mod at the Smoothie Bar.

Corporate Division - High Ranks

Corporate Officer Corporate Officers are assigned a department and must assist with all operations in that department. They should also make sure all other ranks are on task. They have Admin at the Smoothie Bar.
Chief Operating Officer Chief Operating Officers work with Corporate Officers and other staff to make sure they are on task. They have Admin at the Smoothie Bar.
Chief Administrative Officer Chief Administrative Officers work closely with the director of their department to make sure all work is being done. They have Admin at the Smoothie Bar.
Board of Directors Board of Directors are in charge of making sure all staff below them are on task and that day to day tasks are being completed. They will each direct a department. They have Admin at the Smoothie Bar.

Presidential Division - Super Ranks

Presidential Assistant Presidential Assistants oversee a department. They work with the rest of the Presidential Division on major group decisions. They have Super Admin at the Smoothie Bar.
Vice President Vice Presidents are tasked with making sure group operations are running smoothly. They have Super Admin at the Smoothie Bar.
President Presidents help to manage the entire group and works closely with the Chairman and Vice(s). They have Super Admin at the Smoothie Bar. This is the last achievable rank.
Vice Chairman Reserved for the Co-Founder of Asagi. If there is a Vice Chairman vacancy, the Chairman may choose any member that he decides is eligible for the position. Not achievable.
Chairman Reserved for the Founder of Asagi. Not achievable.
Alliance Application

If you’re wishing to form an alliance with Asagi, please use this section as your guide! You should send your application to a member of the Affiliate Affairs department. Please note that you must be a member who is permitted to form alliances for your group. If you have any questions, please seek the aid from a member of the Affiliate Affairs department.


  • Your group must contain 400 non-botted members
  • Your group must be a company
  • Your group must be active
  • Your group must have well managed and professional staff
  • Your group must have representatives to communicate with our team
  • You must announce our events

Meet these requirements? Check out the questions below and begin forming your application!


  • What is the name of the group you wish Asagi to form an alliance with (please provide a group link and Discord invite)?
  • At the time of forming this application, how many members does your group have?
  • Why do you want to form an alliance with Asagi?
  • How can you benefit our group?
  • Why should we accept your application?
Administrative Rules

All MRs, HRs, and SRs must be aware of the rules and tasks for Mods and Admins. Permitted commands will be posted below. If a command is not in the following list, it is more than likely abuse. Please ask a HR or SR about a command before using if it is not listed.

Permitted Commands

  • :kick
  • :ban
  • :tp
  • :to
  • :bring
  • :view
  • :chatlogs
  • :logs

All MR+ are instructed on when to use these commands. If you believe you’ve noticed abuse, report it to a HR or SR.

If your inquiry was not found in this handbook, please feel free to contact a member of the Management or Corporate Divisions for further assistance.

Signed, The Asagi Presidential Division