ASCPF | Recruiting Programmers + Builders (11k R$/$100USD)

ce73f280d517f24759c263831181dff6ASCPF DEVELOPMENT RECRUITMENT INFORMATION Secure. Contain. Protect.

‣ Foreword

Greetings! My name is ArticDemascus - but I go by Nick for short. I’m the Administrator of ASCPF and Project Manager of our new site, Dimensional Containment Site - 115. We are currently looking for a set of people with specific skills to help us further expand DCS’ potential. We’ll be rebuilding all of the DCS assets from the ground up whilst keeping its original feel to make sure time wasn’t wasted designing old assets.

You may have seen one of these recruitment posts before! This is because we used to have budgeting troubles. However, due to a generous donation by a close friend of mine, we no longer have the aforementioned budget issues and can recruit higher-level members!

‣ What is ASCPF & DCS-115?

Artic’s Special Containment Procedures Foundation is a highly classified, secretive organization trusted by international governments. The mission of this foundation being to not just protect Earth, but the entire Solar System from the horrific entities that reside within the facility. It is unknown where the Facility is, but the SCPF is always there. Ready to Secure, Contain, and Protect.

Dimensional Containment Site - 115 is in an undisclosed location in the Alps, Switzerland. The exact coordinates or location of Dimensional Containment Site - 115 are completely unknown to the public, and only known by The Administrator himself. This containment facility is one of the largest facilities to ever be built, a near-total of █ sectors, and over ██ SCPs reside within the facility. With the sheer scale of what resides within the containment zones, the foundation uses the most advanced possible technology to ensure the containment of the SCPs.

‣ What sets us apart from other SCPFs?

Well, in accordance with our law of loyalty & no lenience, free-ranking within our foundation is strictly prohibited. This comes with 2 exemptions, though.
a. Allowing developers to automatically be ranked L-1 for Bug Hunting reasons.
b. Members may interview for O5 council and directorate positions until both are completely filled, once all directorate positions/council positions have been filled at least once, free-ranking for that role is thereafter prohibited.

Our Ethics Committee is committed to being fair and honest, whilst also having a sense of humor and allowing the SCPF to screw 'round a bit without being so uptight sometimes. ASCPF pledges to give an amazing user experience, and we aren’t doing this to turn a profit or be a cash cow. The sole purpose of ASCPF is to be a fun place for players and not have to spend thousands of robux to just play!

‣ Our Current Team

@Articsterdam - Project Manager
@ltsNeptune - Assistant Project Manager
@laurenbtd5 - Programmer
@lordcrane123 - Programmer
@Grimmorath - Builder
@Available- Builder
@Pending - UI Designer (Discusion w/ @ShaneSloth currently in progress.)

‣ Positions Open, Requirements, and Descriptions

UI Designer (CLOSED) -


UI designer, relatively self-explanatory.
Requirements: Must be able to design sleek, innovative user interfaces in an SCP theme. Examples or reference images will be given by the Administrator if needed.

Programmer (2 spots open) -


Programmer, also relatively self-explanatory.
Requirements: Have used Lua or scripted in ROBLOX for at least 2 years. Knows the SCP Genre well, and can make reliable and efficient scripts. Must be able to script advanced systems and be able to take on large-scale projects.

Example of things that need to be scripted:
Gun system (Efficient, TPS, FPS, etc.), Advanced Medical System, User Interface Scripting (when complete), redoing old scripts or making them efficient to today’s standards, etc.

Builder (2 spots open) -


Builder, self-explanatory.
Requirements: Have used ROBLOX studio for at least 2 years, can build well in an industrial/SCP theme and detailed, can make efficient builds (low/no lag), and know the SCP genre well. Active and trustworthy.

Examples of things you’d have to be able to build:
Various containment chambers, hallways, stairwells, miniature props/details, large-scale rooms (as a team), doors, etc.

Additional Requirements (ALL ROLES)

  • You must be at least 13 years old (16 if you’d like PayPal as your payment method) to apply for a role on our team!
  • You must know the SCP Genre well or at least have a general understanding of it.
  • Able to work with a developer agreement.
  • You must have decent English and grammatical skills.

‣ Payment

One of the most vital things to a developer. Not myself, but I can see why people want compensation for their work.
Based on some replies, I have decided to change from Robux Payouts to USD payouts. If you’d like to discuss robux payouts, let me know!

Payment here is half up-front, half upon completion for users that have made a name for themselves on the platform and can prove that they’re trustworthy.

However, members that are beginner level or are unable to prove that they’re trustworthy will be paid per completion of each project.

‣ Payment Range

Scripter: 11k R$ (5.5k upfront, 5.5k after) or $100 USD ($50 up front, $50 after) via PayPal.
Builder: 11k R$ (5.5k upfront, 5.5k after) or $100 USD ($50 up front, $50 after) via PayPal.

Preferably we’d like to use Robux payouts but PayPal is doable. Marketplace Fees are covered.

‣ Contact
If you’re interested in joining the ASCPF development team, please message me on the forum with a link to your portfolio or examples of your work. We will use discord to communicate, however, I’ll only send friend requests to those who pass the “acceptance phase.” Thanks!

~ ArticDemascus, Administrator of ASCPF.

edits to this post are usually fixes of stupid grammatical mistakes.


Hello! I am interested in the scripter position, contact me at Discord. My Discord Tag: Noobruhdude#1157

How would a 16 year old take payment on PayPal? Only 18+ can accept money via paypal.

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Always thought it was 16+, will fix.

I’m interested in the builder position. Here is my portfolio: [Closed] Aspecness || Portfolio || Builder

Hello, I’m interested in the scripter position. My discord tag is Lodok3#0638

Hello! I am very interested in your DevForum Post. I am a very talented builder with 6 years of experience! Please check out my Portfolio attached below and let me know if I have gotten the job! :smiley:



Developer For Hire [6 Years Experience]

Hello, I would like to apply for this position! Discord is AidanHatesKailey#5401

The post is very well done! I hope that I have a chance to join ur team! I’ve a lot of experience with lua and the SCP-genre. Make sure to contact me for more information. Discord: Bloxynet#4289

I would be interested in a programmer position, however, I am not interested in the post due to the employer as one of your council members has a reputation in the SCP developer scene for being extremely rude and disrespectful to contractors. I will not name names due to not wanting to start a controversy, however, I want to let you know why other SCP-experienced developers might be hesitant to work for your group.


Very interested, i would like to try and apply for a building position, if it is still available.


Everything important will be provided here. ^

Hey man, I’m interested. PlayProperties - portfolio [open] - #4 by PlayProperties Heres my portfolio, my discord is pengu#2374 . :slight_smile:

Sure, my discord is todo🎃#0001

Hello! I am interested!
This is what I can do and my discord is iiKanameii#0300

Hello, I am interested in the builder position. To summarise, I have about 5 years of experience in Studio and specialise in industrial/sci-fi builds and have previously worked on larger scale projects with people such as BRlGADE, RevanAkabane (previously AloneTrips) and more.
Portfolio: Musketfall | Advanced Builder Portfolio
Discord: Musketfall#3944

Ello, I am interested in the builder position.
My portfolio: Experienced Builder/Modeller For Hire [OPEN]
My discord: todo🎃#0001

Hi I’m interested to work as a builder.
Here’s my discord RTXon#3101

I’m very interested in this project, I’ve linked my portfolio here.

Hey, I’m interested!

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