ASCS (Advanced Sword Combat System) [DISCONTINUED]

Welcome to ASCS (Advanced Sword Combat System)

About Advanced Sword Combat System:

ASCS is an Advanced Sword Combat System [Free] that was created by Advanced Interactive.
Our team specializes in providing users with a quality sword combat system which can be used in their awesome creations.

1. What are some of ASCS’ cool and future features?
• Professional Support

• Good quality Sword Combat System [Free]

• Fully Customizable

• Easy to modify scripts

• Add as many combos as you want

• Add as many animations as you want

• Add whatever sword you want

• And the list goes on…

2. I would like to get ASCS, how do I get it?
ASCS is currently free for everyone thus it can be found in the Roblox toolbox. Do note that you are getting the real ASCS and not a modded version that may contain harmful viruses or backdoors that may affect your game. Also, we will be listing every link that we have for ASCS in this post.

3. What version is ASCS currently on?
The current version of ASCS is 1.0.0

4. I require further help, how can I get assistance?
You are highly suggested to comment your problem down bellow and we will respond to you soon.

5. I want to use this system in my game, will I get copyrighted by the creator?
No, you will not get copyrighted by the creator as long as you follow the ASCS’s rules.

6. I want to suggest some features, how can I do that?
To suggest some features, you will need to comment down below.

Official ASCS Version Showcases

  1. Version 1.0.0 -

Official ASCS Models

  1. Version 1.0.0 Model - ASCS 1.0.0 - Roblox

Official ASCS Places

  1. Version 1.0.0 Place - ASCS 1.0.0.rbxl (114.7 KB)

This shall conclude this document, if you still require help then be sure to comment below and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible or to get more help please join our Discord Server to get proffesional assistance or some cool releases by trusted developers or maybe just make some friends.

This system is new so be aware of some bugs. To fix them, join our Discord server.

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How is this better than FE Melee Kit? Also are fists and sword trails supported? Thanks!

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First of all, I didn’t mention something about FE Melee Kit, so I don’t understand why you mentioned it.
Second of all, fists aren’t supported since it is a sword combat system.
Third of all, you can add trails very easily.

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I mentioned it because many systems have it’s competitors, and since I figure FE Melee Kit includes some similar features, I’d ask why to use this over a Melee Kit that could do way more?

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Well, thanks for mentioning. Though, ASCS doesn’t have any competitors. I don’t recommend this system for fps games. This system is better to use for anime games or sword fighting games. Since, we do not use any viewmodels. Though, I recommend using this system if someone doesn’t like the FE Melee Kit. I do not give any hate about FE Melee Kit.

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Also, note that I haven’t used the FE Melee Kit. So correct me if I’m wrong on anything.

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