ASCS (Advanced Sword Combat System) [OUTDATED - NON-UPDATED]

umm it works for me, maybe its not finished uploading

try this

Hmm. Are there any errors? Show me the output.

Sounds cool for developers to use, But you should provide a better access to the model than just joining a discord , also you should 101% add videos and images of the system, because right now there seems to be none

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Actually there is a video included in the post.
Also, thanks for your feedback! I will post the models too and place too.

There are no errors

I have a problem, when I put a sword in workspace and pick it up, it does not work. This is because it instantly sets the player variable before checking that it is actually in a players inventory, I don’t know how to fix this and I was wondering if you know how I could modify the script to suit this.

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I’m having the same issue and trying to fix it…
To not waste time, I recommend you to make a DevForum post. I think there’s a why but I’m not sure, so just post something on DevForum.

This is a really nice system. I might use this for a future game.

Question: Where can I find the discord link for ASCS and where do you post the rules?

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