Asking for files through a plugin

So, Im currently working on a plugin, and I want to add an option where it can ask the user for an image from their device, and then upload the returned file to roblox, like this:


And I dont’ know if there are any function or service to make this possible, so it would be nice if someone can tell me how

I don’t think this is possible. If you want, I’m pretty sure you can prompt them to upload an image to roblox though. You’d have to search documents for that.

You can ask the user to import files, but you can’t upload them to roblox unless you use a 3rd party http web request.

-- Example

local image = StudioService:PromptImportFile({"png", "jpg"}) 
-- allow the user to select files with the "png" or "jpg" extensions

if image then -- user selected an image from their computer
    ImageLabel.Image = image:GetTemporaryId() -- The temporary image url that can be displayed in studio


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