Asking players for likes

So it states here that you cannot award players prizes in exchange for anything else.


Does this mean it’s against the ToS to announce something like this on twitter/discord?

"Exclusive code at 10K likes!!"


Since it is on a platform outside of roblox, I think it is acceptable. However, it might not be as it is still asking for likes in exchange for a code.

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This would be acceptable.
Here’s the thought progress, as the rule states it:

“Is the promo code free to submit if the user has found one? Totally fine!
Is the promo code, for example, distributed by the dev to a player once that player likes the game? This is not okay!”

The rule simply states that players shouldn’t REQUIRE to negotiate for their in-game item.

You’re basically saying this:
“Once this game gets to 10.000 likes, I will release a promo code that everyone can use.”
I don’t see anything wrong with it.


I see, thanks!

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Bloxxed Hotels offer a big surprise at x likes