Aspects of A Cafe Game

I am looking to make a cafe game for this group!

Does anyone have any tips or warnings when I design the cafe/restaurant?

You should work hard to build game, if not many group member will leave group. I recommend you make application center or interview center first.

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Well there is many aespects of trying to create a successful Roblox franchise, there are some beginner steps that you’re going to want to take before trying to grow out and branch out to other people.

  • Set some funds aside for marketing/advertising. Advertising is key, it’s how 99.9% of the groups get their members from. The .1% of groups that get successful without advertising are mostly groups that have been botted to increase their group size to get a larger crowd.

  • Don’t start off with the cafe first, start off with an application centre or something along those lines. You could easily find a tutorial to make one, whether it’s premade or you make it yourself. Try to release your games in bulk, like the application centre and the cafe, it’ll allow your members to be able to work ASAP!

  • If you can’t build or script, use DevForum to hire! I cannot stress this to starters of a group enough. If you have the robux, hire a professional builder or scripter to help make your game! Free models are usually infested with backdoors, or paywalls that’ll drive customers away from your game.

  • Making profit is one of keys of making a group, but it should be more about having fun. You want to have some sort of Profit for this group, whether it’s selling gamepasses, ranks, etc. When trying to sell stuff like this you want to think to yourself, “If I were to stumble across this game, would I buy this gamepass? Is it overpriced? How will this benefit me?” Think like a customer. Sell merchandise also, they’re fairly easy to sell and could help out with profits. You could also have people invest in your group!

  • Have a communications server! This will make it 100x easier for you to interact with customers and employees, whether it’s telling them there are trainings or shifts going on, to just simple chatting! I’ve seen groups with thousands of people in their communications server. Personally I think a Discord server/communications server will greatly help out your group.

  • Graphics designs need to be appealing. You don’t want a low quality GFX, but you don’t want it too high quality or else the customers won’t find it appealing. There are many GFX artists to hire, or you could even attempt at learning it yourself!

Hopefully this helps you!

Have a great day and Happy Holidays! :santa:


Thanks :smiley: This advice will be really helpful!

Amenities @uhBlame!

You listed some key things. Although for most groups opening an application center first is extremely bad; here is my reasoning for saying this, people who apply in the early stages will get bored, remarkably quickly therefore sometimes opening the game alongside the application center is more beneficial, Making a profit is not always what matters when starting a Roblox franchise, some people do it for fun. While most of your information is very solid. Selling ranks is against the TOS, I don’t know why you listed that.

Hope you understand why I wrote back.

Edit: I have been running Roblox groups in this area for over 4 years now, had some succeed very much.


So I should have a grand opening once I get some players and release both at once?

Hey @MrSavage261!

I find it best to grow a community on discord, that way you have some contact with the community, advertising always works better when you have a game; something that I suggested to someone long before that got me a solution was that alliances are key, they benefit you and you benefit them back. Adding your discord server to the Social Media list is a good way to advertise it; that is if your 13 of course, Example below.

Alongside creating a good group name, brand, and description is important, that is what people see first, and they will most likely judge you on it; so I am going to take this from a random group. Blocked out the name because of no free advertising.

They have a good description, telling people something about them, and something to lead them to join the group.

If you have any other questions, I would be delighted to answer them!

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If you look at my group description, you can see that I did this already, or do I need to change it?

I personally didn’t know it was apart of TOS, because I don’t own any cafe groups but I’ve made some for memes to troll friends and to be funny. And my advice is sort of based of some friends that own successful franchises, so I tried to sum it up, but thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


Greetings @MrSavage261,

Thanks for the reply; I inspected your group and found a few issues with it. Here is a picture;

Issue 1: The logo has some colour clip issues.

Issue 2: The name has || at the end personally not appealing.

Issue 3: You have a Twitter handle that does not relate at all to your group.

Issue 4. The ending of “Cheers” sounds very unprofessional.

Issue 5: Make group funds not visible, you will have people asking for robux.

Once again if you have more questions, I’m delighted to help answer.


No worries, but I don’t suggest posting on a Café related post unless you have experience. No hard feelings though; Glad you want to be a TOS abiding Robloxian!

Can I ask you a favor. can you create a cafe group with a name of my choosing and give me ownership please :slight_smile: And thanks for the help!

I would love to, but sadly my robux are in a reserve by Roblox right now. So you have to make it yourself.

The || did not look visually appealing to me either at first, but I got used to it :slight_smile: