Assassin Creed Menu Piece 1 (FAN-ART)

Im remaking the assassin creed menu on roblox, this is a fan-art maded without sell intentions or anything like that, only for add some proof on my ui designer portfolio


Any feedback apprecciated :slight_smile:

(Kazuto#8411 is my discord id in case someone ask "Whos Kazuto… your name is Adiirex)


I like the whole vibe to it, the only concern I have with it is that the clothing might be a little blurry or the quality is a bit low. That might just be on my side though.

Besides that it looks like something i’d see in an Assassins Creed game, I like it!

Keep up the good work.

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no, it’s not your problem, I’ll try to work more on the quality of the clothing, thank you very much!


It looks pretty Good. Just some small changes like single player is written in lowercase same as multiplayer. and keep it up bud!

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Ngl this art is fire🔥 another thing which app did you use to draw this

Though I never played that game and I don’t know how the actual GUI looks in the actual game I still think it looks good, especially the characters, do you mind linking the avatar items? Because I wanna make an avatar like that